as salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I have a question and I was not seeking any type of fatawa, but general advice and counsel based upon your knowledge, inshaAllaah ta'ala.

If the sisters can provide especially since this is a situation in which I believe they will provide that extra benefit.

To begin:

If you marry a woman and both of you are non-Muslims at that time and one of them becomes a Muslim during the marriage--let's say the man does, and his wife does not want to embrace Islaam. They also have 5 children together. What would be your advice for him-because he is seeking a Muslim wife within his heart, but he knows that Allaah dislikes divorce and he knows that his children will be at a lost because they will not be taught Islaam.

What if the woman embraced Islaam during the course of her marriage as a kafir? Would any one of you sisters divorce your husband being that he is not a believer? Also, what about if you had children?

If your spouse showed interest in Islaam, they believe that an Nabi Muhammad (salallaahu alayhi wa sallam) is a messenger of Allaah. They believe the Allaah is one, and they believe that 'Isa ibn Marayam (alayhi salam) is a prophet and no more than a man. What keeps them away is the fact that Islaam is calls for action and abstention. Not eating pork or its derivatives, the dress code, the praying. The action is what holds them back.

That being said: What would you as a brother or a sister in Islaam say to this woman in this situation and to this man in this situation?

Wa Allaahu alim