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    Hijab for the same gender

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    I heard randomly on the internet that women (and I’m guessing men too) have as well as a hijab for non mahrams and they have a hijab for each other too. Is this true? If so, could someone describe the specifics of this?

    Jazzakallahu Khair

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    Re: Hijab for the same gender

    Do you mean haya? Which roughly translates as shyness/modesty.

    So even among women, you’re not allowed to unnecessarily expose yourself. Same with men.

    With regard to what a woman may wear in front of another woman, what is prescribed is for her to cover the area between the hand and ankle, but if a woman needs to roll up her garment for the purpose of work and the like, then she may roll it up to the knee, or if she needs to roll up her sleeves, she may roll them up to the elbow. But she should do that only as much as is necessary; it is not permissible for this to be her usual way of dressing.

    It is permissible for a woman to cover in front of her mahrams what she may uncover in front of other women; she may uncover her head, neck, foot, hand, forearm, leg and so on.

    But despite that she should not make her clothes short, coming only to the knee and the like, let alone making it shorter than that. Rather she may uncover only what is ordinarily uncovered of the lower leg, the foot, and the like.

    She should not wear these tight clothes that show the shape of the ‘awrah or display her charms, even if that is in front of her mahrams. Rather she may only do that with her husband.
    Hijab for the same gender

    Stunningly beautiful adhaan from the Dome of the Rock in Masjid ul Aqsa
    Download (right click and choose "save target/link as").

    This is a clear message for mankind in order that they may be warned thereby, and that they may know that He is only One God, and that those of understanding may take heed (14:52)

    Indeed Allah knows, and you know not (16: 74, part)

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