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    Laa Hawla Wa Ala Quwatha Illa Billahi'll Aliul Adheem

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    Assalamwalaikum brothers and sisters

    please guide me or advise me or give me some understanding..

    all this backbiting we hear about.... our own relatives, people we trust, we may depend on in times of need....

    may give us evil eye, may be jealous of us, may talk behind our backs.... do try and rub salt in our wounds.... why,...??? only Allah knows why...

    when we recite this are we saying no evil deed is done without Allah swt knowing it or allowing it to happen?

    or do we say it in the context... no matter what anyone does to me in a evil manner to oppress me, to put me at a disadvantage, nothing beats the wrath and power of Allah swt, thus making the perpertrators acts inferior to the might and power of our lord....

    everything happens for a reason, surely humans can show some restraint from doing their evil deeds...
    yes i am a victim as you can tell

    it is hard understanding human nature and knowing who to trust, when to trust, people change... one minute your like brothers, the next you dont want them to attend your funeral. Asthagfirullah.... im just hypothesising... i am not contemplating death..

    i want bad people to stay away from me, i myself try to better myself and resist taking offence even if i know its being directed at me or implied to hurt me.

    this is one messed up dunya.
    Laa Hawla Wa Ala Quwatha Illa Billahi'll Aliul Adheem

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    Re: Laa Hawla Wa Ala Quwatha Illa Billahi'll Aliul Adheem

    When you say this, you are saying 'there is no power or strength other than from Allah.

    So in a sense it does mean that nothing can harm you unless Allah wills
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