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    Post Guided on the wrong path

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    Assalamu alaykum warahmitAllahi wa barakatu! I feeling a bit sick, it seems like I have caught a cold. Ahaha I hope it goes away soon!
    I am in need of help. Will I be accounted if my loved ones die as non muslims? I am scared. I have 3 other siblings (2 brothers, 1 sister), one of them practicing Islam. My sister believes that Islam is the true religion, she likes it, but has no motivation. Alhamdulilah she listens to me lecture her and I think she is trying to change.
    On the other hand, my brother, is quite something else. Sometimes he thinks Islam is extreme and he hates it (maybe because we live in America). I feel that my parents never really taught us the right idea of Islam because I was in this stage at one point. But he has become unbearable and it makes me very angry. My brother (the one that practices Islam) is not doing a good job at spreading da'wah to my secular brother just as I am not good at it. He is insulting my brother for not practicing Islam.
    However, I started to notice something. I take Islam very seriously compared to the rest, and I noticed that my secular brother has been throwing insults at me. He makes it very subtle and it makes me nervous, he sounds rather angry at me for being religious. My brother is kind and funny but now I have been noticing a very strong anger inside of him after he has been making new friends at University! Everyone in the family notices it, even my secular sister gets very nervous from it although she doesn't practice Islam yet! Sometimes I will try to preach religious advice to my sister, but as soon as he comes, I lose my thought. I may be reciting Qur'an and he tries to distract me. He makes many "jokes" about him being the shaytan and trying to possess me (My practicing brother finds this funny for some reason -_-)

    He makes me very nervous and angry at himself. But I do know it is important to guide others on the right path. However, if I bring up Islam he will shaft me and become angry. He has a dead heart. He is kind and funny, especially with his friends. However, he shows some anger towards his loved ones. It seems like he has made his own clear decision of what he wants. One time I gave him the idea " Why don't you watch religious lectures" he replied saying " Why would I do that if I tried for half of my life" and he angrily left. Slowly and clearly he is showing subtle hints of the sins he is doing. I think he started drinking (Not to the point where you get crazy) just a serving. My parents don't know about this and they are very strongly against drinking but my mom wouldn't say anything and my dad would be very angry and it could be bad. It seems that he is living his university life, he just went to a party at some girl's apartment. My parents don't seem to be doing anything about it because he is a "mature" man. My brother even heard about how I wanted to live in Mecca when I get married and he thinks I am dumb. But the spooky part is that when I said in a joking way ( we have fun arguing) " Welp you will see me living in Mecca when I am older!" he said "No I won't see you because I am never going to that dumb place! I won't even hear about it because I will plug my ears when I hear this news!".

    I am very stressed because it seems like no one else in our family cares. I can't handle the way he talks either, my other brother thinks it is funny, sometimes he imitates his jokes! It pisses the heck out of me! Not only that, I just don't know how to even bring up Islam with this dude in the first place! I'm so sorry for the long story, it spooks me out though. I feel that he has become so corrupt because of University and maybe his past.

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    Re: Guided on the wrong path

    Your brother (the secular one) is too far gone so you should leave him and not try talk to him about Islam as he will only get angry.... It seems he might even start to get violent about it too so its in your best interest to not talk to him about Islam for maybe a few years until he is more mature or changes his demeanor towards Islam.

    Tell your practicing brother (not in the presence of the secular one) how he can be so dumb as to ridicule Islam along with your nutty brother, even if he means it as a joke because he could get serious sin for it.

    If your secular brother doesn't change within a few years then tell your parents that he might even be commiting blasphemy and kufr and be headed for eternal jahunnum and for them to try knock some sense into him. If you tell your parents now.... Your brother will know you put them upto it and will get angry towards you
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