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    What is the limit for wanting worldly things?

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    When does it cross the line? When does one's love for the dunya becoming blinding or too preoccupying? How does one know if one is too focused on the dunya (this world and its wordly things). I'm 21, and I used to aspire alot to have a wife partly due to hormones and OCD, and obsessively plan who I'll marry when I haven't even finished my studies, but now I seem to not care as much who it is, and have faith I'll get married in time, but now I seem to want children a lot. At one point I kept looking for dream interpretations to see who I'll marry, now I keep trying to see what kinds of children I'll have and assessing whether I'll be a good father or family man in general. But is this shirk if its done for its own sake.

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    Re: What is the limit for wanting worldly things?

    The time limit for wanting worldly things is death. Period. As humans, we will want worldly things and this is natural. However, once you die, it's all over. There is nothing wrong with wanting worldly things as long as you have a balance.

    There is nothing wrong with planning ahead either. However, you mentioned that you have OCD, so don't try to become so compulsive because this can end up hurting you.

    I recommend that you watch some motivational lectures on the akhira.

    You need to stop these dream interpretations. Especially if you are visiting non muslims for help because this could bring you to shirk. If you want to get married, you have to be ready first! It seems like marriage is something impulsive for you. You must be patient and mature about this. Trying to find dream interpretations wont help you at all!
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