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    Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

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    I hope someone can help and discuss if anyone has come accross this before and what they did I just don’t know who to turn to.

    My brother has recently become really ill and we don’t know who to turn to and it’s a topic we are not well educated on and there’s lots of different outlooks but it’s so worrying.

    He was a normal 16 year old boy but always had been quite sensitive and emotional. He is very strong with his imaan and deen and has a lot of Islamic knowledge from a young age. He hasn’t conducted in any drugs or alcohol abuse and is very intelligent. He reads five times a day and always reads extra Salah and reads Quran and the meaning everyday. Recently before Ramadan he had a seizure in the middle of the night which he didn’t remember. He had tests they confirmed it was a fit however the MRI scan has come back normal. Recently he started to act really strange and really overtired. He complained he couldn’t sleep at night and there were thoughts in his head but he didn’t say what.

    My dad recently sent him out to work whilst he doesn’t have school as he had become really lazy. He went to work in a phone shop where he started complaining about this strange lady there. He says she didn’t like him and she had an evil eye. For 2 days he was okay and the third day he came back and a weird anxiety attack and his eyes were rolling back and said things like they are after us they are watching us and he kept going on about that lady he also started talking about Islam and said make sure you pray Allah is watching Allah etc. He also started talking about the day of judgement and his eyes continued to roll back.

    He continued to act strange with everyone and say really strange things he’s just not mentally here. He starts screaming in the middle of the night. We went to our local imaam who confirmed there is a jin inside him as he started screaming and his body jolted and shaked when the imaam read the dua. We then took him to another mosque where the same thing happened however it still didn’t work. It has been a week now and we are really scared. He seems to be getting worse and it effects his breathing too. We just don’t know what to do we are reading on him and doing all we can as advised by the imaams. He is now biting himself and has become suicidal. I’m so worried about him incase he hurts himself further and I think we now need to get medical help for him as I think it’s all connected to his seizure.

    I’m trying to get advice and read around this topic my dad doesn’t want to send him to the doctors as he is worried his whole future will now be tarnished but I don’t know what to do. At the moment my dad is doing the treatment prescribed by the imaam so bath with olive oil to drink water that has been read on with dua’s but he seems to be getting worse each day. He keeps saying I know theres something inside me when he prays he starts to hysterically cry and cannot breathe but he says I need to pray Allah is testing my faith. It’s so scary as we have never come across anything like this and I would really appreciate if you could advice us on what to do.

    Do you think we should consult a doctor I feel as though he needs medication as he is really young and naive and he is just not strong enough to beat whatever this is.

    I would really appreciate our urgent advice as we are now desperate and it’s so horrible to see him like this.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    AssalamualaikumAre you sure it's a jin possession? If yes, then of what kind ? Please elaborate a bit, I have sources with ruqya details in them, I'll send it if you need.From what you mentioned about the bath with olive oil, it seems that it's a love possession by jinn. Because this method is done for that type of possession. I am not sure if medical help would be useful in case of possession.

    - - - Updated - - -
    It can be epilepsy or sorcery as well. Please tell me if you need the information about ruqya for it.
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    As Salam alaikum

    I have the same problems
    I get my eyes rolling
    I get seizures, I can't perform Salah or fast
    I get many different insane thoughts in my mind
    As if someone is controlling my mind

    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia for those symptoms...

    The best thing to do is pray to Allaah
    Make holy water using surah fatiha
    And last 2 ayahs of surah baqarah
    And surah falaq surah naas and surah ikhlaas

    Sprinkle water over patient and house

    I hope your brother feels better

    Make plenty of Dua...
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Sorry again for double post

    When he acts strangely, talk to him in
    A gentle way and treat him well

    Was he ever depressed in life?
    It happened to me because of depression
    I became depressed and started acting strangely

    I think your brother is having anxiety and depression attacks....
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    ASA sister thank you so much for replying. How would you know what type of jinn and what ruqya we need to do? He only had one seizure and has not had anything else also the mri brain scan came back clear so unlikely epilepsy. He reacted to Surah Jinn being read and screamed in pain and surah’s from the Quran were read to him from Al Baqara etc and he reacts and screams
    so there is definitely something inside him. He also reacts strangely and feels like we are all against him. He cannot sleep at night unless we give him sleeping tablets and complains about the light he always wants darkness.

    he has also become depressed and keeps crying. He keeps saying about a lady in his head however she was a real life person who he came accross and he keeps mentioning her saying she did this to him and she had an evil eye. She is a non Muslim but he just went to work as my dad said he was becoming lazy and she was a co worker there but he came back and from that day he hasn’t been normal. He did have the seizure before Ramadan and started working last week. his behaviour rapidly changed after he went to work however he is saying that he doesn’t trust anyone and he has stopped praying as after the imam praying on him and giving him taweez when he started praying he couldn’t breathe.

    it’s so scary he’s always been close to Allah and such a good boy really intelligent and always excelling at everything in life, college,faith,Imaan, cricket. He is very soft hearted Now he is scared to pray since he stopped praying nothing had happened like his breathing or his anxiety fits. I only said about bathing in olive oil as this is what we were told to do where we took him.

    he seems to have calmed down today however we have been told to continue to perform ruqya on him for a week. How long does this take will he get better. Please can you send me ruqya so my dad can perform on him or we can call the imaam to. I’m so scared and he is only a baby he is 16. Please help me May Allah reward you

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Do you take medication? Does that help? We are scared to take him to the doctor as my dad doesn’t want this to be on his medical record. Do you think we need to consult a doctor as he has all the traits of a schizophrenic person. How do you cope? Do you believe it is schizophrenia or possession? I hope you get well soon it’s really horrible.

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    What so you dont believe it’s possession? He has had a hard time at school with peer pressure and adjusting to puberty it’s all built up inside him.

    why did he react to Surah jinn in such a way? Doesn’t that mean that there is something inside him. I just don’t know what to do I feel needs ruqya and this type of treatment but I also feel like we need to go to the doctors. He also tried to harm himself by biting himself. Really worried about him

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Okay sister. I am sending it soon. I'll send the information about possession by jinn, sorcery, epilepsy and any other thing if i find useful. These are things you are confused between, right?

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Quote Originally Posted by Islam0511 View Post
    my dad doesn’t want to send him to the doctors as he is worried his whole future will now be tarnished
    Im sorry to say this, but that is the height of ignorance - as if his future WON'T get tarnished by him running around behaving like he is now !!

    Absurdity could not be explained any better.

    You need to take him back to the Doctors. You getting misled by thinking that because he is talking about Islamic issues then hence it must be the Jinn. Issue with many Muslims is everything is the Jinn !!! Won't be surprised if Covid19 gets blamed on the Jinn.

    I cannot comment anymore as I don't believe a Jinn can "possess" a human beyond his free will, so my two pence advice, take him back to the Doctors.

    Sincere duas.
    Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Dark Side Of The Moon

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    I know my dad is just really worried and I’m sure you know of the stigma of mental health around different cultures.

    I will tell my dad we have to take him to the doctors Jazakhallah khair

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yes I don’t know how we can tell what it is? The places we took him have to confirmed it’s jinn. I would really appreciate it any help may Allah reward you

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yes I don’t know how we can tell what it is? The places we took him have to confirmed it’s jinn. I would really appreciate it any help may Allah reward you

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    The way you described your brother and from what i read about epilepsy,it doesn't seem he's suffering from this illness. I too would agree that you should take him to the doctor because you aren't exactly aware of his issue. However i m pasting it here,see if it relates to his situation.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Source: Healing from the medicine of the prophet
    The Prophet's guidance on treating epilepsy and spiritual possession

    In the Sahihan it is narrated that 'Ata bin Raba'h said, "Ibn Ab'ass said to me, 'Should I tell you about a woman from among the people of Paradise?" I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'That black woman, who came to the Prophet b and said, 1 suffer epileptic fits during which I inadvertently take off my clothes. So invoke Allah on my behalf' He said,
    'If you wish, be patient and you will acquire Paradise: and if you wish, I will supplicate to Allah to cure you. She said, 'Rather, I will observe patience." She then said, 'I keep taking off my clothes during these fits, so supplicate to Allah for me that i do not do so. The Prophet b supplicated (to Allah) on her behalf"

    Epilepsy is two kinds, one that results from negative forces and the second type is physical that results from bad mixtures (chemical and material imbalance).
    The doctors often talk about the second type and explain
    its causes and how to cure it.
    As for the epilepsy that results from negative forces, the best doctors and the wise ones among them affirm that it exists. They In addition confirm that curing
    this type of disease occurs by the support of the righteous, exalted souls so that they neutralize the effect of the evil and render its efforts harmless. When Hippocrates explained the cures for epilepsy he stated that, "These cures are effctive in treating the epilepsy that results from chemical and material causes. As for the epilepsy that results from negative forces, these remedies (that he explained and detailed) do not cure it."

    As for thc most ignorant, unknowing and immoral doctors, and those who consider heresy a virtue, they deny the type that occurs by negative forces and deny that it has any effect on the body. They have only ignorance to support them, because the medical authorities cannot
    actually disprove the epilepsy that is caused by these negative forces. Fact and experience assert and prove the existence of this type of epilepsy. That is why when the doctors explain the reason behind epilepsy as being natural or physical, their statement is true regarding some types of epilepsy but not all of them.*

    The doctors of old used to call epilepsy, The divine disease', stating that it is caused by negative forces.
    On the other hand, Galinus and other doctors misinterpreted the term divine ailment, saying, "They
    called it divine because it attacks the head and thus causes harm to the apparent divine organ where the brain
    resides." This explanation, however, resulted from their
    ignorance of the soul and its effects.

    As for the heretical doctors, they only continue the kind of epilepsy that results from physical causes. Whoever has a sound mind and good knowledge of the soul and its effect, will laugh at the ignorance shown by these doctors and at their weak minds.

    Curing the type of epilepsy caused by negative forces has two parts, a part that involves the person afflicted with epilepsy and a part that involves those who treat them.

    The part that the person aftlicted with epilepsy
    plays in his treatment involves strengthening his heart and being sincere in repentance to the Creator from the negative forces and secking sincere refuge with Him both by heart and tongue. This is à type of wafare that the person afflicted with epilepsy engages in against evil. To
    defeat the enemy, wafare requires the warrior to acquire beneficial, suitable weapons and to have a strong arm. When one of these two elements does not exist, the effort will not be very effective. The situation becomes more difficult when the person is missing both essential requirements, in this case, the heart will be lacking Tawhid (Oneness of Allah), Tawakul (trusting in Allah),Taqwa (righteousness), and Tawajhu (awareness of
    Allah's Presence), plus the person does not have sufficient material armament.

    The second part of epilepsy treatment involves the person who is treating the ailment and who is In addition required to have the same necessary weapons mentioned above. When these weapons are ready, one sometimes merely needs to say (o the evil spirit), 'Get out of him, or, 'In the Name of Allah,' or, There is no power nor strength except with Allah.'

    The Prophet b used to say in such cases:
    "O enemy of Allah, Depart! I am the Messenger of Allah."

    I once witnessed our Shaikh (Ibn Taymiyyah, the
    renown Imam of Islam) send someone to speak to an evil
    spirit that had possessed a person, saying, "The Shaikh
    says this to you: get out of this body for you are not
    allowed therein." The person afflicted with epilepsy (possession) then woke up from his seizure. Sometimes, our Shaikh would even speak to the evil spirit directly, or would use physical punishment to repel the rebellious evil spirit. When the patient would wake up, he would not feel
    any pain, as we have ourselves witnessed on numerous occasions. The Shaikh would sometimes read the following Ayah, verse, in the ear of the person afflicted with epilepsy (possession),"Did not think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you
    would not be brought back to Us?"

    The Shaikh once told me that he read this Ayah, verse, in the ear of the person afflicted with epilepsy and that the evil spirit that possessed him answered by saying, "Indeed extending her voice (mocking the Qura'an). So the Shaikh said. "So I took a stick and beat the sick person on his neck with it until my hands became tired. Those present did not doubt that the patient would die from this severe beating.

    While beating the patient, the she-devil said she loves this person.' I said, 'But he does not love you.' She said, "I want to accompany him to perform Hajj. l told her, 'He does not want to go to Hajj with you.' She said, 'I will leave him in your honor. I said, "No, but as an obedience to Allah and His Messenger b She said, Then,
    I will leave him alone.' The patient then woke up and
    started looking around, l saying, 'What brought me to the presence of the Shaikh?' They asked him, 'What about the beating you took" He said, 'Why would the Shaikh beat me while I have not done anything wrong?" He had no idea that he had been beaten."

    Further. the Shaikh used to recite Ayatil kors'ey[2:255] and would order those who suffer from and those who cure epilepsy (possession) to recite it along with the last two chapters of the Qura'an [113 and 114].

    In general, no one can deny the type of epilepsy that is caused by negative forces except those who have
    little knowledge and comprehension. We should In addition state that the majority of those aflicted by the touch of evil spirits are themselves in error due to weak Faith and hearts and tongues that don't remember Allah, they fail to seek refuge with Him and they fail to use
    Prophetic guidance (supplications and remedics). The evil spirits find the people that are vulnerable and take advantage of them.

    If the truth was uncovered, we would discover that the majority of mankind is under the influence of negative
    forces which guides the people according to their evil
    wishes. The people are unable to set themselves free from this control or even oppose it. Most people sufter from this common type of possession (epilepsy), from which the afflicted person cannot wake up. And unless the veil that obstructs their sight is removed, they will not realise that it is they who are actually afflicted by epilepsy. We seek Allah Alone for His help.

    Curing (epilepsy) possession that results from the
    touch of evil requires the cooperation of a sound mind and sincere faith in what has been sent down to the Prophets b. Then one would act as if both Heaven and Hell are right in front of his eyes and heart. They would remember that the people of this earthiy life suffer calamities and trials
    that come down on their homes just as the rain does, all the while being unaware of what is going on around them.

    The epilepsy that evil causes is truly severe, but since it touches so many people and is so coinmon, the people are no longer surprised by it. Since they are so many, it is strange to see someone who is not touched by it.

    When Allah wills that a certain slave should acquire what is good for him, that slave will wake up from these fits of epilepsy and will realize it that the children of this life are suffering from epilepsy. He will discover that some of them have surrendered to insanity and that some of them might briefly recover from a bout to fall back into another bout soon after. Some of them
    would be awake from a bout and would act like sane people, but when he falls into another bout, he would act confused. [This is the state of those who do not have the correct Faith.]
    - - - Updated - - -

    The epilepsy that results from physical causes

    This type epilepsy alters the constitution and is
    accompanied by spasms that prevent the limbs from
    functioning normally or from normal movements. The
    physical or constitution rełated epilepsy occurs due to the
    accumulation of thick, viscous substances near the brain that partially obstructs the cerebral cavities. In this case,
    the area of the brain responsible for the senses and the
    various movements are impeded, and accordingly, the
    organs (including limbs) of the body sufter from the same
    condition. There are other causes for this type of epilepsy.
    such as the accumulation of thick tlatulence that impedes
    the soul in some manner, or a viscous vapor accumulates
    in an organ of the body and ascends to tne brain, or from
    an acute ailment. The brain suffers from spasms due to
    fighting the harmful substances that are uffecting the
    brain, and accordingly, the various organs of the body
    suffer from spasms. The person will not be able to stand
    up straight for very long he or she will fall down and
    foam accumulates in and around the mouth

    This type of epilepsy causes intense pain during

    seizures. It is In addition a chronic illness that is hard to
    Cure and that remains for many years, especially if the
    person afflicted by it is more than twenty-five years old,
    who repeatedly falls into epileptic fits. Hippocrates said
    that epilepsy remains with such people until they die.

    As for the woman mentioned in the Hadith who
    suffered from epilepsy and who uscd to take off her
    clothes beeause of epileptic fits, she might have been
    suffering trom the physical type of epilepsy. That is why
    the Prophet promised her Paradise if she observes
    patience, or otherwise, the Prophet would have asked Allah to cure her without guaranteeing her that she will he
    cured. She chose Paradise, but the Prophet asked Alah on
    her behalf not to take off" her clothes during these fits.

    The Hadith indicates that it is allowed for Muslims

    to forgo the use of a remedy. Furthermore, thc Hadith
    indicates that the cure of the soul is exclusively tied to
    invoking Allah and turning to Him sincerely and that this
    type of medicine nas such profound effects on the human
    body that no regular medicine prepared by any doctor
    could ever compare to it. We have tried this medicine on
    numerous occasions [and witnessed its success].

    The best medical authorities confirm the fact the

    psyche has an effective role in curing disease. The
    medical profession suffers from some ignorant, heretie
    doctors who do not do service to their profession.

    As we have stated, it appears that the woman

    mentioned in the Hadith suffered from the epilepsy that is
    eaused by a physical condition (chemical imbalances).
    Yet, she might have been suffering from the type that is
    caused by evil negative forces. We stated that the
    Messenger of Allah gave her the choice to obscrve
    patience and then acquire Paradise or that he would
    invoke Allah to cure her. She chose the first option but
    asked to be relieved from discarding her clothes because
    of the epileptic fits.

    The Prophet's guidance on treating sorcery

    Some people have erroneously denied that sorcery

    could effect the prophet, they believed that it was not
    befitting his grade and status. Actually, being effected by
    sorcery illustrates the human side of the Prophet, just like
    he suffered from various other illnesses, and sorcery is an
    ailment just like poison. In the Sahihain it is narrated that 'A'esha said:

    The Messenger of Allah was effected by sorcery

    until he thought that he had slept with his wives, while in
    fact he did not."

    This is the worst type of magic spell.

    Qadi lyadh said, "Sorcery is just like any other

    ailment that the Prophet ate suffered from, and this fact by
    no means affects his status as a Prophet ate. Further, the
    fact that the Prophet ate imagined something which he did
    not do, does not detract from his truthfulness regarding
    religion, there is a consensus that he is immune from error
    in this regard. Sorcery is just like any other matter of this
    life, which has nothing to do with the reason why he was
    sent and preferred above mankind. The Prophet was
    subject to come down with all types of ailments that
    would touch other people. Therefore, it is not surprising
    that he would imagine doing something which in fact he
    did not do, and that he was soon cured."

    The Prophet b. used two methods to treat sorcery,
    first by finding the spell and neutralizing it. The Prophet b
    supplicated to his Lord and Allah showed him that the
    evil spell was hidden in a well. The Prophet b removed
    the evil spell, which consisted of a comb, combed
    material (hair) and a dry male spathe. When he discarded
    these objects, he was immediately cured, as if he was restrained and then suddenly released. This is the best
    cure from sorcery and is similar to removing septic
    materials by complete disgorging.

    The second type, extracting harmful substances

    from the organ most touched by magic works. Evil spells
    aggravate nature, produce harmful substances and
    adversely affect the mood. Disgorging the alien substance
    that affected a certain organ as a result of evil spells
    becomes necessary.

    The effect of the sorcery reached the Prophet's

    head and affected one of his senses, he imagined he did
    something while in fact he had not. The sorcerer,
    therefore, affects some of the natural powers of the body
    so that it does not function normally.

    Sorcery is a combination of the powers of evil

    spirits and the adverse effects they have on the normal
    functions of the body. The worst type of magic is that
    which affects the senses of the affected organ. Drawing
    blood from thc organ most affected hy magic is the most
    beneficial cure, if used in the proper manner. Hippocrates
    said that, "Cupping (or disgorging) should be used on the
    part most affected using the most favorable means

    Some people so said that when the Messenger of
    Allah b suffered from this condition, he first thought that it was caused by spoiled blood that reached the brain and
    affected the senses. In such cases, cupping is the best
    medicine, and this is what the Prophet b did. Then, when
    Allah revealed to him that it was the effect of magic that
    caused his condition. he asked Allah to show him where
    the evil spel was hidden and then he retrieved and
    discarded it. When he did so, he was cured as if released
    after being restrained. Further, the magic spell only
    affected the Prophet's senses not his sanity or heart. This
    is why he did not believe what he imagined of sleeping
    with his wives because he knew that this sensation was
    not real.

    Divine cures are the best remedies against sorcery.
    Sinee sorcery is the work of evil spirits, then its hest cure
    is that which neutralizes it, such as certain prayers and
    recitations of the Qura'an. The more powerful the
    defending amy, îhe more powerful the adversary it will
    be able to remove and neutralize. This case is similar to
    two opposing armies, each of which carries its weapons
    and armaments. The army that has more weaponry and
    supplies, is the army that will prevail in the war. When
    the heart is füll of Allah's remembrance and invokes Him
    often for its needs, and when the heart is joined by the
    tongue and righteous deeds, these acts will be the best
    medicine there is against sorcery and magie spells. The
    sorcerers and magicians admit that their magic is most
    effective against those who have weak hearts that are busy satisfying the desires and lusts of the life of this
    world. That is why magic usually aficcts women,
    children, nomads, ignorant people, those who have weak
    Faith, lack trust in Allah (Tawakkul) and lack the
    fundamentals of Unity (Tawheed), and those who neither
    remember Allah often nor use the various Prophetic
    supplications and Islamic prayer fomulas (Ruqyah). In
    general, the effect of sorcery and magic is more powerful
    against weak hearts that lean towards the lower desires of
    this world.

    When the heart leans towards this earthly life,

    sorcery and magic becomes most effective against it,
    because evil spirits only search for evil in the soul that is
    prone to submit to their power. Surely, evil in the heart
    deprives one of divine power that is necessary to provide
    it with suflicient weapons of defense against these evil
    spirits. That is why these evil spirits, which seek evil, find
    the hearts weakened by evil unarmed and prone to submit
    to evil and this is when sorcery and magic spells are most
    effective. Allah knows best.

    The Prophetic medicine for treating sorcery (the evil
    eve) waswas of several types

    Abu Dawood narrated that Sahl ibn Hunaif said:

    "We.come by a water spot and I went in it and took a
    bath, but when I finished I came down with a fever. When
    the Messenger of Allah b was informed, he said,
    Command Abu Thabit to

    seek refuge (with Allah for Sahl) with an Islamic
    prayer formula.' I said, 'O my master! Does an Islamic
    prayer formula bring about benefit?' He said, There is no
    Islamic prayer formula except to

    fend off an evil eye and against fever and a (snake or a
    scorpion) bite." [In addition, AI-Hakim narrated this

    There are several types of Islamic prayer formulas,

    such as reciting the irst chapter in the Qura'an, the
    Mu'awwithatan (chapters1 13 and I 14 of the Qura'an) and
    Ayat Al-Kursi (2:255).

    In addition, there are several types of Prophetic

    Islamic prayer formulas. For instance, one might recite:

    "I seck refuge with Allah's Prefect Words from the evil of what He has created."

    In addition, one could recite:

    "I seek refuge with Allah's Prefect Words from

    every devil and evil soul and from every evil eye."

    In addition, one might recite,

    "I seek refuge with Allah's Prefect Words, which

    no righteous or evil soul could ever eneompass (or
    supercede), from the evil of what He has created, made
    and started; from the evil of whatever descends from the
    sky and whatever aseends to it; from the evil of what He
    has ereated on the earth and what comes out of it; from
    the evil of the trials of the night and the day; and from
    what comes by at night or during the day, except whoever
    comes with a righteous matter. O Merciful One!"

    In addition, this includes the supplication

    "I seek refuge with Allah's Perfect Words from

    His anger and torment, from the evil of His slaves and
    from the whispers of the devils or that they might attend

    In additinn, one might say the following


    "O Allah! I seek refuge with Your Honorable Face and Your Prefect Words from the evil of every creation
    that is only in yout grasp (or control). O Allah! You expel
    the sins and loss. O Allah! Your soldicrs will never be
    dcfeated nor will Your Promise ever be broken. All praise
    and glorification is due to You."

    In addition, one might supplicate:

    "I seek refuge with Allah's Most Exalted Face

    which is greater

    than everything else. And with His Perfect Words

    that no righteous or evil being could ever overcome; and
    with Allah's Most Prefect Names, those which I know and
    those which
    what He has created, shaped and made. From the evil of
    every creation that I cannot overcome and from the evil of
    every evil creation that only You control (or grasp its
    forelock). Certainly, my Lord is on a Straight Path."

    have no knowledge of, from the evil of

    In addition, the Prophetic Islamic prayer formulas


    "O Allah! You Are my Lord, there is no deity
    worthy of worship except You. I depend on You (for
    You are the Lord of the Mighty Throne.
    What Allah wills, occurs, and what Hc docs not will to
    happen, will never exist. There is no power or strength
    except with Allah. I know that Allah is Able to do everything, and that His Knowledge has encompassed
    everything and that He has kept count of everything. O
    Allah! I seek refuge with You from the evil within
    myself, from the evil and the Shirk (połythcism) of Satan,
    and from the evil of every crcation that only You grasp its
    forelock. Sturely, my Lord is on the Straight Path."

    Or, one might recite the following supplication,

    "I seek refuge with Allah, other than Whom there

    is no god. He is my God and the God of everything. I seek
    refuge with my Lord and the Lord of everything. I depend
    on the Ever-Living Who never dies. I seek to fend off the
    evil with: no power or strength except from Allah. Allah
    is enough of a supporter for me, and indced, what an
    Excellent Helper. Allah is enough for me from the slaves.
    The Creator is enough for me from the creation. The
    Sustainer is enough for me from the sustained. Allah is
    indeed enough for me.

    He Who owns everything. Who grants Refuge

    while no one can ever grant refuge against Him is indecd
    sufficient for me. Allah is sufficient for me. Allah's
    hearing who ever supplicates to Him is n addition
    sufficient for me. There is no goal to reach greater than

    Allah. Allah, other than Whom there is no god, is

    sufficient for me, I depend on Him (for each and
    everything), and He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne."
    Those who try these different types of supplication

    and Islamic prayer formulas will surely understand their
    great value and benefit, and consequently, will recognize
    the great need for them. These supplications will shield
    one from the effects of the evil cye and will fend off its
    harm if the evil eye touched them, but according to the
    degree of Faith, strength of soul, degree of reliance (on
    Allah) and strength of heart of whoever recites them.
    These supplications are types of weapons, and their
    effectiveness depends on the skill of whoever uses them.

    If the person fears that he might touch other

    people by the evil cye, let him fend off its harm by

    The Prophet b commanded Amir bin Rabi'ah,

    "Why did you not say Tabrik [Baraka Allah, (may

    Allah bless it)] for him?"

    Further, saying "Ma sha' Allah (what Allah has

    willed), la quw'ata il'a bil'ah (Therc is no power except
    from Allah)" In addition helps fend off the evil eye.
    Hisham bin 'Urwah narrated that his father used to say,
    "What Allah wills will certainly come to pass, there is no
    power exoept from Allah," upon secing something that he
    likes and upon entering one of his gardens.

    In addition, Jibril once said an lslamic prayer formula for the Prophet b which Mus'im narrated in his
    sound book:

    "In the Nome of Allah I say Islamic prayer

    formulas for your benefit, from evcry illness that might
    harm you and from the evil of every evil soul or envious
    person's eye. Allah will cure you, in the Name of Allah I
    say Islamie prayer formulas for your benefit." [At-
    Termezey and An-Nasa'y]

    Some of our rightly guided ancestors stated that

    there is no harm if some Ayat (Verse) from the Qura'an
    were written in ink and then washed with water and that
    the sick person drinks that water. Mujahid issued a
    statement to that effect, and so did Abu Qilahah. It was In
    addition reported that Ibn Ab'ass once commanded that
    two verses from the Qura'an to be written for a woman
    who had hard pregnancies and that the Verses were then
    washed with water and she was to drink the water. In
    addition, Ayub said, "I saw Abu Qilabah write some
    Verses from the Qura'an, wash it with water and then give
    the water to a person who was suffering from some type
    of illness to drink it."

    In addition, the person who touches other people

    with the evil eye should be commanded to wash his limbs
    and the end of his garments, or his sexual organ according
    to one opinion, from the right side. He then pours the
    water on the head of the person whom he touched with the evil eye from behind him without notice. This is a
    type of cure that the doctors cannot produce with their
    medicine. In addition, those who reject such type of
    Islamic prayer frrmulas would never benefit from it
    because they do not believe that the Islamic praycr
    formulas carry any benefit.

    Since the doctors cannot explain many natural
    occurrences in the world, why would the hypocrites
    among them reject such powers and cffects that the
    religion produces? Added to this is the fact that washing
    up with the water has a real benefit, experience testifies to
    its usefulness. Similarly, the anger will be washed away
    from the heart if one places his hand on the angry person's
    chest. This is similar to confronting a man who is carrying
    a lit torch that he wants to throw at you, but you keep
    pouring water on it while it is still in his hand until you
    extinguish it. This is why the Prophet si commanded the
    person who touches people by the evil eye to ask Allah to
    bless whatever he has envied, so that the evil thoughts
    that he fels go away and are replaced by the supplication,
    which is a type of good charity. The cure should be
    compatible to the disease so that it has an affect on it. It is
    possible that when one touches others by the evil eye that
    a certain power appears on the end of his gamment, or his
    sexual organ as we stated, and that it is then transferred to
    the affected person or object. When it is washed by water,
    the evil power will be removed. Yet again, and as we have stated, this matter has a lot to do wiih evil spirits,
    which will be stopped from producing harmı if washed by
    water. In addition, it might be that washing with water
    serves to cool the heart and thus cures the person who was
    about to touch others with the evil eye. Sometimes, when
    a poisonous insect bites someone and then the insect is
    killed, the bitten person feels a little relief afterwards.
    This might occur because the bitten person feels joy that
    the insect was killed and this feeling of elation helps to
    cure the poison faster. In short, when the person who
    touches others with the evil eye is washed, the evil that he
    thought of or felt will be washed away with the water.

    If someon: asks, "If washing with the water helps
    the aggressor, then what about the victim of the evil eye?"

    We say that pouring the water on victims of the
    evil eye In addition helps cool the effect of the evil eye on
    the victim just as it extinguished the veiled thoughts from
    the aggressor's heart. Water, which is used to cool burning
    iron rods, is In addition often used as a medicine with
    which the doctors would concur. It is natural that the
    same water used to extinguish he evil eye is used to rid

    the victim of the evil eye of its effect.

    Therefore, comparing the Prophctic medicine to
    regular medicine that doctors use is just like comparing
    the doctor's medicine to folk medicines. Rather, the
    comparison is even less appropriate, for the difference between the Prophets and the doctors is profoundly
    greater than the difference between the doctors and those
    who are not qualified to practice medicine. You should
    have discovered by now the brotheriy relation between
    religion and wisdom, and that they never contradict each
    other. Allah guides whom He wills to the straight path
    and opens the doors of success to those who knock on
    such doors. He Alone is the Source of all bounties and
    irrefutable proofs. Fighting the evil eye is more likely to
    be successful if one conceals his blessings from the

    For instance, Al-Baghawi narrated that once

    Uthman saw a handsome hoy and commanded, "Blacken
    his cleft chin so that the evil eye does not touch him."

    Al-Khattabi In addition narrated in Gharib Al

    Hadith, "It was narrated that Uthman once saw a
    handsome boy and that he said, 'Hide his cleft chin with
    black color." Uthman wanted to hide the cleft chin of the
    handsome boy using black color so that he was not
    touched by the evil eye.

    Another Islamic prayer formula that helps ward
    off the evil eye was related by Abu 'Abdullah Al-Tayya'hi
    he was once traveling for Hajj or Jihad using a good
    animal. There was a man in the caravan who would never
    look at something but would hring it to its demise. Abu
    'Abdullah was then told, 'Preserve your camel from this man's eye' He said, 'My camel cannot be touched by
    harm.' The person who touched with the evil eye was
    informed of Abu 'Abdullah's response and he waited for a
    chance when Abu 'Abdullah was not present and looked
    at the camel which soon fell on its feet! When Abu
    'Abdullah came and was told that the person had touched
    it with the evil eye and that his camel was suffering, as
    was evident, he said, 'Show me the man.' When he came
    by him he said, In the Name of Allah a restraint that
    restrains, a hard rock and a blazing star: I ask that the evil
    eye returns to the person who started it and on the most
    dear people to him (meaning the envious person himself)"

    Allah said:

    Then look again: "Can you see any rifts?" Then

    look again and yet again, your sight will return to you in a
    state of humiliation and worn out." (67:3,4)

    Then, the person known for the evil eye lost his

    sight and the camel was cured.*

    The Prophet's guidance on treating sickness in
    general with Islamic prayer formulas Muslim narrated that Ahu Said Al-Khudri said that Jibril came to the
    Prophet b and said to him:

    "O Muhammad ! Are you complaining from an

    illness?" He said,

    "Yes." jibril then said, "In the Name of Allah I say

    Islamic prayer formulas for your benefit, from every
    illness that might harm you and from the evil of every evil
    soul or envious evil eye. Allah will cure you, in the Name
    of Allah I say Islamic prayer formulas for your benefit. "

    If someone asks, "What do you say about the

    Hadith that Abu Dawood narrated:

    "There is no Islamic prayer fomula except for an evil
    eye or fever."

    To answer this question we say that the Hadith

    does not deny that the Islamic prayer formulas can be
    used in other instances. Rather, the Hadith only states that
    the Islamic prayer formulas work best for the evil eye and
    fever of all kinds. What further attests to this fact is that
    the Hadith itself narrated that Sahl ihn Hunaif asked the
    Prophet b. & when he was touched by the evil eye, "Do
    the Islamic prayer formulas bring about benefit?" The
    Prophet b then answered:

    "There is no Islamic prayer formula (that works better) than in the cases of evil eye and the fever."

    In addition, the various Ahadeeth in general allow

    Islamie prayer formulas. For instance, Muslim narrated
    that the Prophet a& allowed using Islamic prayer
    formulas in the cases of the evil eye, fever and Namlah
    (ant's bite or sores).

    The Prophet's guidance on treating one bitten (by

    an animal) by reciting Al-Fatihah

    In the Sahihain [In addition At-Termezey, Ibn
    Mdjah and Ahmad] it is narrated that Abu Said Al
    Khudri said, "Some of the Companions of the Prophet ^
    went on a journey till they reached some of the Arab
    tribes (at night). They asked the latter to treat them as
    their guests but they refused. The chief of that tribe was
    then bitten by a snake (or stung by a scorpion) and they
    tried their best to cure him but in vain. Some of them said
    (to the others), Nothing has benefited him, will you go to
    tbe people who resided here at night, it may be that some
    of them might possess something (as treatment), They
    went to the group of the companions (of the Prophet b)
    and said, 'Our chief has been bitten by a snake (or stung
    by a seorpion) and we have tried everything but he has
    not benefited. Have you got anything (useful)?' One of
    them replied, 'Yes, by Allah! I can recite an Islamic
    prayer formula, but as you have refused to accept us as
    your guests, I will not recite the Islamic prayer formula for you unless you fix for us some wages for it. They
    agreed to pay them a flock of sheep. One of them then
    recited (The chapter Al-Fatihah): 'All the praises are for
    the Lord of the Worlds' and puffod over the chief who
    became alright as if hc was released from a chain, and got
    up and started walking. showing no signs of sickness.
    They paid them what they agreed to pay. Some of them
    (i.e., the Companions) then suggested to divide their
    earnings among themselves, but the one who performed
    the recitation said, 'Do not divide them till we go to the
    Prophet sg and narrate the whole story to him, and wait
    for his order.' So, they went to Allah's Messenger b and
    narrated the story. Allah's Messenger asked:

    "How did you come to know that the chapter Al-

    Fatihah could be recited as an Islamic prayer formula?"

    Then he added:

    "You have done the ight thing. Divide (what you

    have earned) and assign a share for me as well."

    It is a well-known fact that certain types of speech

    have a profound effect and benefit that experience
    testifies to. So how about the Words of the Lord of the
    Worlds that are as preferred to the creation's speech as
    Allah is preferred above His creation? Allah's Words
    contain the ultimate cure, the perfect immunity, corect
    guidance and an encompassing mercy, that if it was revealed to a mountain, it would turn to dust in
    appreciation of Allah's Glory. Allah said:

    "And We send down of the Qura'an that which is a

    healing and a meicy to those who believe (in Islamic

    "Allah has promised those among them who

    believe (i.e., all those who follow Islamic Monotheism,
    the religion of Prophet Muhammad b till the Day of
    Resurrection) and do righteous good deeds, forgiveness
    and a mighty reward (i.e. Paradise)."s

    What could one think of the opening of the

    Qura'an (AI-Fatihah, the first chapter) that is not
    comparable to any Verse or chapter revealed in the
    Qura'an, the Torah, the Gospel or the Zabur (that was
    revealed to Prophet Dawood b). The Al-Fatihah contains
    the general meaning of all the Divine Books sent down by
    Allah. It contains Allah's Names and Attributes, such as
    Allah, the Robb (Lord), Ar-Rahman (Most Merciful) and
    Ar-Rahim Most Beneficent). It In addition aflims
    Resurrection, Allah's Oneness in Lordship. It In addition
    mentions the creation's dependence on Allah's help and
    guidance and that He Alone grants such bounties. It In
    addition contains the best and most beneficial
    supplication that the creation needs:

    being guided to the Straight Path that entails acquiring knowledge of His Names and Attributes,
    worshipping Him alone, obeying His Commands,
    refraining from His prohibitions and staying firm on this
    path until death. It In addition contains the kinds of
    crcation that are dividcd into those who have acquired the
    bounty of knowing the Truth, and who prefer and
    implement its implications. On the other hand, there are
    those who have earned Allah's Anger by avoiding the
    truth after knowing it and there are those who are led
    astray from the True Path. These are the camps that the
    creation is divided into. In addition, the Al-Fatihah
    affims Predestination and the Commandments of the
    religion, Allah's Names and Attributes, Resurrection and
    Prophethood. It In addition puri fies the heart and
    mentions Allah's Justice and Generosity. It In addition
    refutes all types of innovations and evil methods. WNe
    mentioned all these virtues for the AI-Fatihah in our book
    that explains it, Madariju As-Salikin. Certainly, a chapter
    that contains all these virtues and benefits deserves to be
    used as a cure for disease, as well as an antidote for
    poisonous stings.

    Indeed, ALFatihah is the best cure because it

    contains sincere servitude to Allah, praising Him, relating
    all bounties to Him, seeking His help and support, and
    invoking Him for all types of advantages, such as the
    correct guidance that brings about benefit and fends off
    torment. It was reported that the part in AI-Fatihah that

    contains the Islamic prayer formula is what Allah said:

    "You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we

    ask for help (for everything)." (1:5)

    Indeed, these are mighty powerful words that

    contain the strongest medicine contained in this chapter.
    These words entail sincere dependence and reliance on
    Allah, secking refuge and help from Him and showing
    meekness and need of Him. Consequently, these words
    contain the best goals to seek, which is worshiping Allah
    Alone. In addition they contain the best method to acquire
    these goals, that is, invoking Allah for His support so that
    one achieves these goals.

    While I was in Mecca, I once fell sick and had no

    access to a doctor or medicine. So I used to seek a cure in
    The Al-Fatihah by sipping a drink from the well of
    Zamzam that I recited the Al-Fatihah on. I found
    complete cure in this method and I used to rely on it
    wheneverI felt pain. This cure always helped me.

    There is a wonderful secret in using the Al-

    Fatihah as an lslamic prayer formula to treat poisons, and
    Allah has created a cure for every disease as we have stated. Venomous beasts have a special effect on their
    victims with their evil souls. Furthermore, the weapon
    that the venomous beasts use is the needle that they use to
    sting and inject the venom into their victims. Likewise,
    the person who is applying the Islamic prayer fomula
    will have a positive efect on the person receiving the
    Islamic prayer formula, thus enhancing his chances of a
    speedy recovery by Allah's wil. In this case, the victim
    will feel that his strength and resolve are enhanced with
    the Islamic prayer formula and the divine remedy, similar
    to the relation that exists between regular medicine and
    the sick person. In addition, the wetness and the air
    contained in the spit of the person who recites the Islamic
    prayer fomula, that contains the supplication and the
    remembrance of Allah, will all enhance the chances of
    recovery. Since the person who recites the Islamic prayer
    formula recites it with both his heart and mouth, then
    adding some of the air and moisture that exists inside his
    body through the spit will maximize the cffectiveness,
    power and strength of the remedy. Certainly, this mixture
    of heart and soul used in the divine remedy works just as
    regularmedicine works on the body.

    The person who applies the slamic prayer

    formula has an advantagc over the evil forces (including
    poisonous snakes etc.) since he adds words of the Islamic
    prayer formula and spit to the strength of his inner self to
    remove the effects of the evil forces and the venom. In addition, the more strength of heart the person has, the
    stronger the lslamic prayer formula he recites becomes.
    There is another secret behind using spit in the divine
    remcdy, which is In addition uscd by the evil forces, just
    as Allah said,

    "And from the evil of those who practise

    witchcrafts when they blow in the knots."

    The body is greatly affected by what the heart

    feels and so blowing the air and spitting resembles a way
    to intensify the effect of what the heart feels and intends.
    Those who work sorcery tie some knots and blovw onto
    them words of sorcery, which work on thc victim
    although he or she might not be present. In this way, the
    evil force helps transferring the words of sorccry and their
    effect to the victim. When the force for good retaliatcs by
    using the Islamic prayer formula and then breathing unto
    the victim, the more powerful of the warring parties wins.
    War between good and evil forces resemble real war that
    occurs between people. The spiritual forces essentially
    use and enlist physical bodies in their wars against each
    other. Whoever is only concerned about the material
    world will not feel any of this raging war since he is
    attached to the environment that he believes in, that is, the
    material world, and he is far away from the world of spiritual forces and their effect on mankind.

    In short, v:hen the good spiritual force is strong

    enough and feels the effects and the meanings contained
    in the AL-Fatihah, along with the breathing that
    accompanies reciting it, the łslamic prayer formula will
    have the intended effect against the evil forces and will
    thus remove their harmful esfect. Allah knows best. The
    Prophet's guidance on treating scorpion stings.

    The chapter Al-Ikhlas contains the essentials of

    the Faith and the Creced, various aspects of Tawheed, and
    attesting to and affiming Allah's Oneness that entails
    denying all types and forms of shirk with Him. It In
    addition entails affirming that Allah is the Sustainer,

    along with asserting every type of perfection for Him.

    Consequently, the creation seeks Allah for each and every
    parent, an offspring, or an equal, and this is why it equals
    one third of the Qura'an. Furthermore. Allah's Name "As-

    This chapter In addition denies that Allah has a

    Samad (the Sustainer)" that the chapter contains includes

    each and every type of perfection. In addition, the chapter

    denies that Allah has an equal, while Allah's Name Al
    Ahad (the One) In addition denies the existence of a

    partner with Allah. These are the three essential
    cornerstones of Tawheed [Allah's Oneness in Lordship
    and worship and in His Names and Attributes].

    The Mu'awwizatan (chapters 113 and 114 of the Qura'an) In addition includes seeking refuge with Allah
    from every type of evil and harm. Seeking refuge from
    the evil that Allah has created includes every type of evil
    that such creations, whether physical or spiritual, can ever
    produce and cause. Secking refuge from the night when
    its sign, (the moon), sets, entails seeking refuge from the
    evil souls that thrive during the night, as opposed to the
    light of the day. This is because when the darkness falls
    and the moon sets, the evil forces come out. In addition,
    seeking refuge from those who tie knots and blow on
    thcm includes seeking refuge from the cvil of sorcerers
    and their sorcery. In addition, seeking refuge from
    envious people means seeking refuge from the evil forces
    that cause harm through the envious people's bodies and
    sight. The second chapter (I 14) of the Moaw'azatan
    entails seeking refuge from the evil of humans and Jinn.
    Consequently, the two Moaw'azatan entail seeking refuge
    from every type of evil. Therefore, they have a great
    benefit as a shield against evil before it occurs. This is
    why the Messenger of Allah b advised 'Uqbah bin Amir
    to recite them after every prayer, as At-Termezey has
    narrated. This advice from the Prophet ^ contains a great
    secret and benefit that helps repulse all types of evil
    during the time betwcen the prayers. The Prophet s& In
    addition described the Moaw'azatan when he said:

    "No one who seeks refuge can ever find a refuge

    like them."
    It was In addition reported that when the Prophet was the victim of sorcery the spell contained cleven
    knots tied each with a special incantation blown on it, and
    that whenever Jibril Up recitcd a Verse from the
    were untied. Then, the Prophet gig was cured, as if being
    released from a restraining chain.

    knot was untied, until all eleven knots

    As for using regular medicines to cure scorpion

    sting, salt has a great value in this regard. The author of
    Al-Qanoon said, "Salt should be used in a bandage with
    linen seeds to cure the scorpion's sting." Salt helps
    dissolve the poison, which has a burning pain that needs
    to be cooled. The cool moisture contained in the linen
    seed cools the pain, while the salt helps extract and
    remove the poison. This is one of the best and easiest
    types of remedies for scorpion stings, which require
    cooling the pain and extracting the venom. Allah knows

    Muslim narrated that Abu Hurayrah said, "A man

    came to the Prophet ^ and said to him, 'O Messenger of
    Allah bl have suffered greatly from a scorpion that stung
    me last night." The Prophet b said:

    "Had you said these words when you went to

    sleep, 'I seek refuge with Allat's Perfect Words from the
    evil of what He has crcated, it would not have harmed
    you." [Ahmad]

    Know that the Divine cures help after one catches
    a disease and In addition help prevent if from happening.
    If any type of harm befalls one afterwards, it will not be
    severe. Natural medieines, on the other hand. only help
    after the disease attacks. Islamic prayer formulas and the
    various supplications either prevent the discase from
    happening or make it milder after it happens, depending
    on the strength of soul and heart of the sick person.
    Therefore, the Islamic prayer formulas and supplications
    are used as prever.cive measures and In addition as a cure.

    As for prevention, in the Sahihain it is narrated

    that A'esha said:

    "Whenever the Messenger of Allah se would go to

    bed, he used to breathe into bis hands with

    Qul huwa Allahu Ahad (Al- Ikhlas) and the

    Moaw'azatan." He then would wipe his face and whatever
    he could reach of bis body with his hands."

    In addition, in the Sahihain it is narrated that the

    Prophet b said:

    "Whoever reads the last two Verses from Chapter

    Al-Kaqarah (the second chapter in the Qura'an), at night,
    they will be enough for him."

    In addition, Muslim narrated that the Prophet b. said:

    "Whoever resided in a place and said, 'I seek

    refuge with Allah's Perfect Words from thc evil of what
    He has created,' then nothing will harm him until he
    departs that place."

    Abu Dawood In addition narrated that the

    Messenger of Allah ^ used to say at night when he was

    O land! My Lord and your Lord is Allah. I seck

    refuge with Allah from your evil, from the evil of
    whatever is in you and from the evil of whatever walks on
    your surface. I seek refuge with Allah from a lion, a
    despot (or jinn), a snake and a scorpion and from those
    who reside in this land, and from the begctter (son of
    Adam) and that which he begot."

    As for the second benefit of Ruqyah, providing a

    cure, we mentioned healing the ill person by reciting the
    Al-Fatihah and In addition reciting the Ruqyah to cure
    scorpion stings. The Prophet's guidance in treating the

    We mentioned the Hadith narrated by Anas & AI^

    in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet of Allah b allowed
    using the Ruqyah from every type of fever, evil eye and
    In addition, Abu Dawood narrated that Ash-Shifaa

    bint Abdullah said, "The Messenger of Allah came by
    while I was with Hafsah and said:

    "Wliy (lo you not teach her (Hafsah, his wife) the

    Ruqyah from Namlah as you taught her how to write."
    An-Namlah, literally, the ant, is called as such because it
    is a type of swelling that appears on the sides of the body.
    The Namlah is a known disease and causes a type of sting
    in the sides that makes one think that an ant is crawling on
    his side and biting him. There are three types of this

    Al-Khallal narrated that Ash-Shifaa bint Abdullah
    used to recite Rugyah from the Namlah during the time
    before Islam. When she emigrated to the Prophet b in
    Medina, after she had given him her pledge of allegiance
    in Mecca, she said, "O Messenger of Allah! I used to
    recite the Rugyah from the Namlah during the time of
    jahiliyyah before Islam) and I want to read it to you."
    She recited it to him, "In the Name of Allab! May the
    harm be extracted until it goes back to where it came from
    without harming anyone. 0 Allah! Remove the harm, O
    Lord of the people." She used to recite it on a clean
    branch of wood seven times, choose a clean place, rub the
    branch on a clean stone with sour wine vinegar and then
    anoint the affected area with it. The Hadith In addition
    asserts the fact that it is legislated to teach women to read and write.

    For sihr.
    •Surah fatiha
    •Ayatul kursi
    •Surah al araf 117-122
    •Surah yunus 81-82
    •Surah taha 69
    • Surah falaq
    •Surah naas

    For jinn possession
    These surah are to be recited, Drink water over which quran has been recited. Apply olive oil on which quran has been recited.
    •Surah fatiha
    •Surah baqarah(complete)
    •Surah yusuf
    •Surah noor
    • Surah saaf faat
    • Surah ikhlaas
    •Surah falaq
    •Surah naas
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Sister. I really believe that your brother is affected by possession, ayn, or sihr. Most likely possession/sihr. You said his MRI came out normal?!?! This could mean that he really does have a spiritual disease! However, we cannot be so sure because he truly could be mentally ill. I sent you a private message so check your inbox. I can give you information on how to do a ruqyah diagnosis.
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    The illness of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

    Are caused by satan...

    Do you believe that satan can harm you without even possessing you?
    Well that's how it is...

    It's a bit witchy...

    Schizophrenia is a major form of waswaas compulsive whispers of satan...without possession of jinn...

    Jinn posession is something different....
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Whatever the issue is, May Allah give him the shifa and fast recovery. It is a test and the ones beloved are tested hang in there sister
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    OP, i have adjusted it in that previous post itself i.e., in post #11.
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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    Thank you so much everyone for advice @medico your guidance has been so helpful and has reassured me it will all help him get better Inshallah. We are performing ruqya on him and reciting all the surah’s and Aya’s from Quran and even though he does get really agitated it is almost like he is in pain, he is fighting it he even said yesterday I can do this which is really reassuring.

    he had stopped praying as he was losing his breath and struggling to pray without feeling physical pain but Inshallah today we are getting him to start again.

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    Re: Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

    May Allah bless him.
    Brother mental illness drastic change in behaviour

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