Alhamdulillah wassalatu wassalamu ala Rasulillah wa'ala alihi wasahabihi ajma'in amma ba'ad

The Khawarij have existed since the onset of Islam and will continue to exist until the end of times and are dangerous for the Fitnah they cause especially in labeling their brothers in Deen as permissible to kill and slaughter, they have made Takfeer and slandered the best of people and spilled their blood over it, and the scholars of today and the past remain divide on their status as our brothers or if they are indeed Murtaddin, and Allah knows best. Al-Bukhari reported: Ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, considered the Kharijites to be the worst of Allah’s creation and he said: "Verily, they take verses that were revealed about unbelievers and use them against the believers." Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6531, Grade:Sahih and this is indeed the nature of the teachings of Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Umar al-Hazimi, while indeed the Sheikh is our brother in deen and a scholar of our religion a clear misunderstanding has occurred in taking verses about the disbelievers and ahadith about them and applying them to the Muslims, and to one with a lack of religious understanding or full knowledge about the acceptance of different opinions or not keen to noticing flaws in such rulings in light of the Quran & Sunnah; indeed such teachings are toxic and dangerous to ones Nafs and Iman as well as their greater Deen in general.

It was al-Hazimi himself who proclaimed that a Muslim who is ignorant of sins is not pardoned for his sins and should be punished regardless how light or heavy his crimes is whilst citing the example of the Prophetic dealings with the Mushrikin and disbelievers of their era from Ibrahim to Muhammad to that of the Muslims of today. One cannot help but look to what Ibn Umar may Allah be pleased with him said in regards to the Khawarij in taking verses about the disbelievers and applying them to Muslims while ignoring the very fact that Allah the exalted will never punish someone if they are ignorant of the sins they commit for Allah is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem and he knows best what our hearts conceal, and it is known and stated that on the day of judgement Allah will judge between us as individuals where none shall intercede for another. It is wrong to hold the concept that the ignorance of a Mushrik is equal to the ignorance of one who proclaims Islam and intends to be a Muslim as the blood and sanctity of our brotherhood is worth more than all the wealth on this Earth and our lives are worth more to one another than even our own as individuals and to treat one who is sinful regardless of his sin or crime as a criminal in its full sense disregarding the lack of religious knowledge due to modern day conditions across the Muslim world is inexcusable on the accuser.

It is widely known that the numerous Taghout regimes such as those of Qaddafi in Libya, the Assad family in Syria and Nasserist regime of Egypt as well as the strict atheist rule over much of the Islamic regions of the former Soviet Union actively repressed the teachings of the Ilm of Islam and banned such knowledge from even basic remembrance the Quran al-Kareem but as it has been promised our deen has remained untouched and perfect as it was during the era of Muhammad with a group of believers continuing to believe but this is certainly far from the majority and becoming a rarity by the day which has also been promised, the notion of rejecting the argument of ignorance as an excuse for ones crimes/sins is wrong and such a position is easily dismantled with the question; how or why does one know to avoid such a thing if he is unaware and has never been informed, one could even say the fault lies on the one with knowledge for a failure to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.

Al-Hazimi has also proclaimed that Takfeer should be made upon the one who fails to make Takfeer upon the Murtadd/Mushrik and others who have left the fold of Islam, indeed this view is correct and supported by the Ijma of scholars and Sahaba the fault lies in making Takfeer upon the one who fails or refuses to make Takfeer out of ignorance, this likewise goes back to the question, how can one be declared an apostate if he isn't even aware of what he has done wrong it may be that the brother/sister is afraid to make Takfeer on the individual because they are unsure of the full Shari'i ruling on this regard, for only Allah and the angles he has assigned us know what lies in our hearts and deeds.

While Takfeer is essential to our deen careful guidelines must be taken as it is a dangerous subject that puts ones own hereafter at risk, aside from our own benefit it also is dangerous to indulge for the Fitnah it causes and the arguments it creates and the time wasted therein. This isn't to say either however that if you see someone making takfeer upon another person that you should rush to call him a Khariji. We mustn't neglect Takfeer either and fall into the deviance of the Murji'ah and their false sense of postponement in making Takfeer even with clear evidence, this also isn't to justify making Takfeer upon those whom hold a different opinion based on sound evidence that can be regarded as permissible from a Shari'i perspective but guidelines to exist within such a dealing for example when it comes to one from Ahlus Sunnah refusing to make Takfeer upon another from Ahlus Sunnah citing the case of both being Muslim, while such a matter is not relatable or the same for one from Ahlus Sunnah whom refuses to make Takfeer on the Kufr of the Majoosi Rafida as the Jamaat of the Majoos has unilaterally abandoned Islam, however Allah Tabarak wa Tala knows best as to whether or not the one who refuses to make Takfeer upon the one who refuses to make Takfeer is a Murtadd or not and this matter is best avoided for laymen and even scholars alike for it serves no benefit to this Ummah to indulge in. A general base guideline however must be established pertaining to clear Murtaddin especially the Mushrikin.

2018 CE - 1440 H