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    Condemnation of The Democratic Process (OP)

    السلام عليكم

    Condemnation of the Democratic Process, Voting, and the Islāmic Stances on these Issues

    The Shaykhc1 , may Allāh preserve him, (after praising Allāh) says:

    I say: In the first question, they say; “Our Noble Shaykh, to begin with, some of those who spread (the idea of) Parliamentarian elections, and that they are permissible, have come with a new doubt which they have relied upon. And this doubt is based upon a Hadīth, the Text of which is the following:

    From Umm Salamah Bint Abī Umayyah Ibn Al-Mughīrah, the wife of the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم ,she said, “When we arrived in the land of Al-Habashah, we were given the protection of the best neighbour, An-Najāshī.” Until she said, “So by Allāh! We were upon that (peace and security) until a person came upon him, – meaning one who disputed him in his kingdom –.” She said, “So by Allāh! We did not know grief that was more severe than the grief that we grieved at that point out of fear that that one would defeat An-Najāshī, so a man come not acknowledging our rights as An-Najāshī would acknowledge them.” She said, “And An-Najāshī went ahead (to engage with him in a battle), while between them was the width of the Nile.” She said, “So the Companions of the Messenger of Allāh, صلى الله عليه وسلم ,said, ‘Who is a man who will go out and observe what takes place between the people, then come to us with the news?’” She said, “So Az-Zubayr Ibn Al-‘Awwām said, ‘I will.’” She said, “And he was among the youngest of the people.” She said, “So they blew into a water skin for him, then he placed it upon his chest, then he swam on it until he arrived at the place in the Nile River where the meeting place of the people was, then he went until he witnessed them.” She said, “So we made Du’ā’ to Allāh for An-Najāshī, to have dominance over his enemy, and consolidation for him in his country. And the matter of Al-Habashah was sought to be made stable through him. So we were with him in the best of homes, until we came back to the Messenger of Allāh, صلى الله عليه وسلم , and he was in Makkah.”

    The questioner says, “Ahmad and Al-Bayhaqī narrated it, and this phrasing is that of Ahmad, from the path of Ibn Is’hāq, who said, Az-Zuhrī narrated to us (Haddathanā), from Abī Bakr Ibn Abdir-Rahmān Ibn Al-Hārith Ibn Hishām, from Umm Salamah. 2

    So the method of using this as evidence according to them, is that they made Du’ā’ to Allāh to give An-Najāshī consolidation in the land, and he was a kāfir at that time, as they said. And if Du’ā’ is the highest levels of support, then whatever is less than it like voting, is included in it from a more deserving point.

    Then they said, if you forbid (participating in) the elections, then is it allowed for you to make Du’ā’ to Allāh to consolidate a seat in parliament for a man, instead of voting for him? So what is your opinion with in the way the evidence is used, and what is the correct stance which it is upon us to take towards those who are of the opinion of the permissibility of voting in the general legislative elections, Wa Jazākum Allāhu Khayr.”

    c1: Adapted from an Eng. Trans. Of a recorded question & answer period with Shaykh Abū Qatādah (may Allāh protect him) .

    2 Trans. Note: This Hadīth was narrated by Ahmad in his “Musnad”, and was declared “Hasan” by Al-Wādi’ī in “As-Sahīh Al-Musnad”, #1672 and an almost identical phrasing was declared “Sahīh” by Ahmad Shākir in his Takhrīj of “Musnad Ahmad”, Vol. 3/180.
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    Condemnation of The Democratic Process

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    Re: Condemnation of The Democratic Process

    Report bad ads?

    السلام عليكم brothers,

    Please do not turn every issue into an argument about the Madhahib and which scholars you follow. This kind of argumentation can cause a lot of confusion and harm. The purpose of this forum is to focus on the basics of Islam and bring people closer to the deen, not to keep bringing up divisive issues that will push people further away. Study Islam from the scholars and people of knowledge, and as you do so then ان شاء الله these matters will become clearer to you. But constantly arguing over these issues, especially when one lacks knowledge, is not going to get us anywhere.

    Also, we ask everyone that if they are going to speak about Islam, then do so based upon knowledge and scholarly sources. We do not allow people to present their personal opinions and thoughts about Islam. Rejecting the fatawa of scholars based on your own very limited understanding of Islam is unacceptable.

    This thread is now closed.
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    Condemnation of The Democratic Process

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