In this post we will be discussing the arabic Alphabet pronunciation. To learn this properly it's best through a actual tutor teacher. Many people can afford to pay for a live lesson or class. So what should a person doing such a situation? There are a few different options that you take if you cannot afford to pay for live lessons. First is that you do self teaching methods by buying books on Amazon. To learn Arabic alphabet pronunciation is in this method is very difficult. The second option is enrolling free Arabic alphabet courses online. These courses will help students learn the Arabic alphabet pronunciation. Places that provide this are universities like Islamic online university which is based in Qatar by the founder Bilal Phillips. Another website that teaches arabic free online is a website called But I have not tried the second one to know if it's good or not. The last option that is well known is to watch videos on YouTube. There many YouTube channels that have lessons and courses to learn the Arabic alphabet Pronunciation. Many Muslims want to learn but are too lazy and you cannot learn unless you do that efforts to stop being lazy. I used to teach my course on my website and charge $20 per student, Now I decided to provide my lessons to you for free on YouTube videos and most of the videos uploaded for free. So you can this forum visit below to view the first 5 lessons and most lessons are uploaded, simply visit the playlist section on my channel.

I got cancer at age 14 and 12 years latter I still have it, so that is how and why I decided to try to earn money online and one of the things and methods I did was to teach a arabic class online in the same method I learned it at the university. But many people were to cheap to pay $20 for the full course and kept asking me if they can just have it all free so I just made it all available on YouTube and you can see the first 5 lessons on Youtube:

The book we use is called Arabic reading and writing made easy and you can access that book free as a PDF version at islamic online university in the free diploma section which has the arabic course there for free. Muslims today are not practicing islam properly and don't pray 5 daily prayers on time and are not good to our parents and cut ties with family members and do many other major sins and we wonder why we are treated like cock roaches across the globe? Or we wonder why our duas are not answered? Why should Allah do what we want if we don't do for him what he wants from us? Even though he doesn't need us, he does order us to do as he commands or else he will no be pleased and you can't expect him to help if he's not pleased with you.