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  1. How prayer saved my life
  2. Islamic Word Scramble for Kids
  3. Step By Step Salat - Islamic Prayer Useful Guide
  4. Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Dua & Azkar
  5. Using paper to read duas during prayers
  6. Found blood on my socks
  7. Salah for programmers?
  8. 2 Powerful Duas from the sunnah and my story
  9. Have I technically missed the salah?
  10. Combining prayers due to bad weather
  11. Four supplications do not leave it
  12. How do I learn to pray & islamic terms?
  13. 2 rakats
  14. ث
  15. Do we have to say dua at the second Rakah of Fajr prayer?
  16. Problems with praying Fajr on time
  17. 15 Incentives for Wudu
  18. Is it even matter if pray sunnah at these time?
  19. Why Night Prayer is So Effective
  20. How to perform Salat al-Duha? Namaz Zam
  21. Tips to Improve Concentration in Prayer (Salah)
  22. Azaan (Adhaan) around the world
  23. Joining Prayer
  24. About Taraweeh
  25. Im a new Muslim
  26. Khutba: in English......?
  27. Munaafiqeen Flee From The Musaajid
  28. Times dua is accepted
  29. Praying in islam
  30. Praying Without Hijab...?
  31. To complete your Salat, say Some Athkar after Salat
  32. Upon Whom is As-Salah Obligatory?
  33. Can control the fart during namaz
  34. Do surahs need to be in order during a prayer?
  35. Du'a after Wudhu
  36. Wudu and complications
  37. What are the Etiquettes of Salat?
  38. Salah and Desires
  39. Performing 4 rakats in the beginning of the day
  40. Levels of prayer
  41. When is At-Tayammum prescribed?
  42. Qadaa (qaza) namaz
  43. What is the niyyah for Qaza prayer (when you forget to pray on time) in arabic?
  44. When people say “pray 2 rakats”, what do they mean?
  45. Three Questions related to Wudu and Prayer Names/Time
  46. Do you know Witr prayer?
  47. The call to prayer
  48. Conditions for Wiping over Casts, Splints, Bandages or Band-Aids
  49. Ghusl
  50. Question on making up prayers
  51. The perfect salah
  52. Long Ruku and Sajdah
  53. Should you continue prayer if this happens?
  54. The Etiquette for Allah’s Remembrance
  55. Is there a minimum amount of verses in standing salah from long surahs?
  56. If we make a mistake during short janaza salat, is it accepted?
  57. Supplication while prostrating within fard prayer
  58. Are Friday prayers mandatory? How and when to offer them?
  59. Favorite Dua
  60. Praying together
  61. The Power of Astaghfar
  62. Farting during prayer
  63. Needs to spit while performing prayer?
  64. Time for offering Tawbah, Tasbih, Tahiyatul Wudu prayers
  65. How To Find Salah Times – Formulation, Equation, and Applications
  66. Whats the exact time for Ishraaq, Duha, Witr and Tarawih?
  67. Stealing from prayer?
  68. What to do if Tayamum is not available?
  69. The 5 Daily Prayers: Are You Prompt and Regular?
  70. Prayer while travelling
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