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  1. Overstepping the mark in making du’aa’?
  2. When does the time for Fajr end?
  3. Questions about prayer.
  4. Is it ok for me to go and make the prayer if I dont have long clothes but short ones?
  5. Dealing with Waswasa in Prayers
  6. The Salat (observed) during Eclipses of the Sun (Salatul-Kusuf)
  7. The Adhan and The Iqamah
  8. Missed Prayer
  9. Tahajjud Namaz and Fasting.
  10. Semen in islam
  11. How to pray at home in congregation?
  12. Time of fajr !?
  13. Reciting From a Copy of the Qur'an in Prayer, Virtual Tarawih & Jumu'a
  14. Missing Fajr due to Sleep Problems
  15. Are these rules of Salah true?
  16. Best time to make Dua?
  17. Questions about Paradise and request for reversal of time
  18. Come back to prayers.
  19. How did our beloved prophet PBUH pray his Salaah?
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