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  1. Interesting Read!: 5 Prayers: Is it difficult/obsessive/burdensome? NO!
  2. Why do we move around?
  3. The importance of salaah
  4. How to Pray Nafl Prayers?
  5. How to read Naamaz?
  6. Feet Positions In Salah
  7. Thread for prayer related questions
  8. Whats YOUR Excuse?
  9. Tips to wake up for Fajr
  10. praying
  11. Praying While Sitting Or Lying Down
  12. Funeral Prayer in Absentia: Imam Sarfaraz Khan Safdar.
  13. Types of salat and how to read them
  14. Raf ul yadain.
  15. Qadah Isha - Witr Also? Help....
  16. Istikhara salat and predestiny
  17. Daily Dua
  18. Pray isha right after maghrib - Allowed?
  19. Praying before its time
  20. Brother, stop praying solo at the Mosque and do it in congregation!
  21. Salah question!
  22. Women praying in Congregation
  23. Why making Wudhu is such a blessing?
  24. 2 Qs - the latest you can pray Isha prayer
  25. Prayer times
  26. Rule for missing Rakahs with Imam in jamah please?
  27. Making up witr
  28. Women wearing socks/stockings for Salah
  29. salah confusion
  30. Making Dua in our native language
  31. Salah Question
  32. What is the Accurate time of IShraaq?
  33. Things to do RIGHT AFTER prayer
  34. Performing Salat with Quran from CD player or youtube Prayer.
  35. I pray because......
  36. The Secret Behind Asking Forgiveness After the Prayers
  37. skipped fajr prayer because of wake up late
  38. Prayer Questions
  39. I want to learn what to say during prayers(both salat and dua)
  40. Niyyat/Intention to perform salah/ritual prayer in Dari/Farsi?
  41. what is the best way to be consistent in prayers
  42. Does Tashahud neglect the other messengers of Allah?
  43. Praying double ra'kat for years of missed salat?
  44. Best time to pray
  45. How to Concentrate in Salah?
  46. Ok to pray sitting in a chair if floor is unsanitary?
  47. What is one Rakat?I saw a video which makes me think I've been praying wrong
  48. In too much pain to do wudu
  49. prayer with Group
  50. What's with the Sutra?
  51. wearing kajal
  52. Video and prayer booklet that teach prayer have differences
  53. Fajr Story
  54. How to and when can you perform Du'a prayers? what other kind of prayers are there?
  55. What you say in funeral pray?
  56. Making niyat in arabic
  57. duas recited during sajda
  58. Quick Congregation Prayer Question
  59. What time does everyone pray fajr? (confused) UK only
  60. years of missed prayers plzzzz help....
  61. I want to pray salatul layl, but I can't memorize the duas
  62. Salat-ul Jum'ah and Salat-ul jama question'
  63. Can you pray Salat as many times as you like in between the Fard salahs?
  64. Few Prayer Related Videos
  65. How to pray tahajudd prayer step by step?!!
  66. Praying At Home
  67. Is Salah Accepted If Someone Is Not Able To Leave A Sin?
  68. Value and importance of Salah (Prayers) through a great analogy!
  69. Starting the day with Salat Al-Fajr!
  70. Which part of forehead touches the ground during sujood?
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