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  1. Sleep-praying- anyone ever heard of it?
  2. "How" do you pray Dua prayer???
  3. Am I praying right? (4 sunnah of zuhr)
  4. Is there anything such as salat for giving thanks?
  5. I have to make up for years of missed prayers?
  6. The amazing power of offering Salaah during the Night. (Thahajjud)
  7. Does it matter?
  8. Please Help - I have missed over 3 years of missed Salat, Can I make up these Salat?
  9. Praying through the Prophet muhammad peace and blessings be upon him
  10. Making up multiple prayers
  11. When memorizing a Surat in Quran with Sajdah, while Studying, must I keep make SAJDA?
  12. Prayer Timetable
  13. Why do you not pray?
  14. Prayer Question?
  15. Tahiyyatul-Masjid forbidden, while quran recitation
  16. this question/inquiry I had
  17. Difficulty in calling people for salat
  18. Few questions about Salat
  19. What surface used Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam for prayer?
  20. What image do you have in your mind when you pray?
  21. 2 questions about prayer
  22. Why is 2 rakats too much?
  23. Mistake during Sujood
  24. Step by Step Salat Application for Smartphone – How to Pray
  25. Praying behind imam
  26. Smelly People In The Masjids
  27. I walked in front of someone while they were praying.
  28. 3 ways of attaining focus in our Salaah (prayer) - You will be amazed!
  29. First Time In 10 Years I Forgot To Wear A Hat When Praying Namaaz
  30. Focus during Salat
  31. sleeping after fajr
  32. The Utterance of Alhamdulillah and Astagfirullah after Ibadat
  33. Performing salat in rainy condition
  34. men and women praying differently?
  35. Must we make Salah in Arabic alone?
  36. Inner Dimensions of the Prayer
  37. The Eclipse: frightening for those who reflect
  38. importance of voluntary prayers on day of judgement
  39. Plz help to offer prayer
  40. Taraweeh
  41. Yawning during salah? Help!
  42. Regional Variations of Fajr Adhan.
  43. Can you pray Jummah Prayer at home?
  44. Can one Greet Allah after greeting the Angels?
  45. Solutions for your salaah
  46. ((urgent suggestions required))is I am able to pray my fajar salat by this job
  47. Straighten your rows and fill in the gaps
  48. If you don't do it now, you probably won't later
  49. Fajr
  50. What's a repent prayer?
  51. witr & Tahajjud prayers question
  52. Salah, Wudu and Bathroom, while travelling
  53. Its the thought that counts
  54. He prays punctually? Then, that’s the tip of his iceberg!
  55. Last Moment
  56. Tahajjud
  57. Ahadith on Tahajjud
  58. Forgot 4th rakat during Asar
  59. Salah
  60. I am about to say the shahaadah!
  61. How to pray during school?
  62. Dua to get rid of pain in your body
  63. I miss a prayer because of my location.
  64. Salaat: Make it your constant companion
  65. 12 Tips to Boost Your Salaah
  66. The Sajdah (Prostration) of Shukr (Gratitude): A forgotten Sunnah
  67. Elderly grandmother has forgotten how to pray
  68. Duha prayer (optional)
  69. [Infographic] - What Rasulullah ﷺ Recited in His Prayers
  70. Salaat: The best invesment for the Aakhirah
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