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  1. My understanding as a human being you only obey Allah (Subhanahu Wa Talaa) and his...
  2. Why Allah gave men the right of talaq and not to women.
  3. Maintain good relation with relatives
  4. Parenting
  5. Marriage Is Declining Rapidly—Does It Matter?
  6. Bidah in marriage
  7. Marriage issues...need advices.
  8. How Disney teaches contempt for dads
  9. Children born in gay or lesbian relationship.
  10. healthy relationships speech (tony robbins)
  11. The Realities Of Marriage & Divorce – A Must Listen For Men
  12. Recreation within Limits
  13. This video about how a son treated his father....
  14. Ramadan cooking prep
  15. Do a man enter from which ever door in janna if he obeys his wife?
  16. Living The Single Life
  17. What does (did) your 9 year old at school today
  18. Jordan Peterson talks about Men Going Their Own Way and what is it
  19. Dwelling on your future spouses past & friends - relationship advice needed
  20. Marriage
  21. True men, manhood, and masculinity in Islam
  22. Daughters – Don’t Ruin their Haya
  23. Even athiests and disbelievers value the importances of fatherhood
  24. Is it okay to physically separate people?
  25. 21st Marriage
  26. Second Wife
  27. What can i do?
  28. Issues with wife...
  29. Family meetings
  30. I need help
  31. All over the world I read that boys are in crisis. My question is..what do we plan...
  32. Would You Let Your Children Have Pets?
  33. I'm hopeless
  34. Get Married
  35. should I stop contact with my family?
  36. Why Fathers Matter | TDC 2017
  37. This confirms 100% why men should be the head of the household....
  38. Wife get upset at me for very petty things...wut do?
  39. I‘m desperately
  40. This boy makes me crazy...
  41. Why is my Muslim Mom obsessed with being beautiful?
  42. "I don't carry anything heavy. I carry my husband."
  43. I hateee myyy liffeeee
  44. Is The Tooth-fairy Haram?
  45. English books
  46. marriage
  47. Attitudes to Parents
  48. Islam puts great values in parents...
  49. A Phone Call Away
  50. #Fear of children#
  51. 10 tips on a happy marriage
  52. The cruelty of women who use children as weapons in divorce
  53. Need a fatwah - ex-husband wants to know location
  54. Parents are a big reward from Allah
  55. Living longer because of respect to family
  56. My mum saw me with hijab
  57. What is my status/identity?
  58. Difficult family members
  59. engagement (nisbat or mangnu)
  60. Favoritism among children….an Injustice indeed
  61. What level of privacy should I keep?
  62. When “MARRIAGE” becomes Perpetual Zina / Lifetime Fornication
  63. Is it allowed to be single forever?
  64. My brother is a zalim
  65. It is ok if I dont get married for serious medical problems?
  66. Maybe this is arrogance of an old man
  67. Is this marriage racism/racism?
  68. If I had daughter, I would be a protective father
  69. Excuse me, but why DO I have to play by the rule while THEY DON'T?????
  70. We didn't have girlfriends. And we were proud.
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