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  1. Hating on Islam
  2. Is it permissible to give charity to shia muslims
  3. Is it haram to become communist or socialist?
  4. Are tattoos allowed in Islam?
  5. Predicting The Future
  6. Is apostasy allowed in Islam?
  7. Who is the Holy Spirit and Jesus according to the Quran?
  8. Offensive Jihad
  9. Tolerance: A Hallmark Of Muslim Character
  10. Islam Spread By Sword
  11. I need help
  12. The Evidence that the Koran is the Word of God
  13. Few questions
  14. Islam teaches violence?
  15. drinking
  16. Question regarding modesty
  17. Meaning of the word Islam
  18. Question About A Miracle
  19. Law Of Islam VERSUS Law Of The Land
  20. I simply want to have a conversation about Islamic beliefs
  21. Showing girls on islamic video
  22. Ephesians 1:3
  23. Is anyone fed up with the Anti-Islam Propaganda on Western TV
  24. Opposing Extremist Groups in Islam (ISIS, Kharijites,etc) - Yasir Qadhi - 8-22-14
  25. Qurbanis In India - Turmoil In Dabhel
  26. as salamu alaykum is ths opinion valid at all ?
  27. Why does Islam still reject the historical Jesus?
  28. Stoning someone is from Jewish laws. Why do some do it?
  29. Christmas for Muslims?
  30. Allah, Islam, the Quran and Us
  31. Oppression
  32. Istikhara and its use in court of Law
  33. Verification
  34. Allah=God?
  35. Muslims are slaves of god??
  36. Isa and The father
  37. Wudu before we sleep
  38. Misconceptions
  39. divorce by sharia when man disagree
  40. People of the book in Islam - Zoroastrians
  41. Music Haram?
  42. Diverse Problems for Islam
  43. laws
  44. The Trinity and Islam: What does Mohommed Say?
  45. Can Islamic marriage be in conflict with the law of the land?
  46. Islamic prayer (salah): Varied texts or bare repition of a handful of verses?
  47. Where to begin?
  48. "Verily the mankind is ungrateful to his Lord". The Holy Qur'aan
  49. i just found...
  50. The religion of Jesus was Islam and NOT Christianity.
  51. Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and Ayesha's Marriage Doubts
  52. Attention those with religion "other"
  53. Ayesha (rAa)'s marriage at the age of 15 or 17 years---
  54. Could forum Muslims please explain how Islam is a religion of peace
  55. Why I can't be Muslim
  56. 72 Virgins in Heaven?
  57. Study of Qiyamah
  58. Islam is a religion of Peace and free Justice for all
  59. Jesus PBUH Was A Muslim
  60. after judgement day
  61. Quran=the literal word of God - reasonable?
  62. No disrespect intended, but I have a question.
  63. i need some clarification on my current perception of Islam
  64. Do Muslims believe in existence of magic?
  65. The unchangeness of the Quran
  66. What does Islam Teach about the Disabled and Ill
  67. Are Muslims Afraid of the Truth?
  68. Why does the Prophet Isa come in the end of times?Why isn't it any other Prophet?
  69. Religion of Peace?
  70. Hi
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