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View Full Version : Clarifications about Islam

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  1. Is Smoking Haraam?
  2. Clarification on Splitting of the Moon
  3. I need few things to be explained with regarding making of animated images
  4. Moon sighting issue resolved
  5. Studying/Reading Philosophy
  6. If a Muslim ask from God to forgive his disbeliever parents while they are alive, wil
  7. Sharia Law
  8. What is taqw
  9. which was the first time when Salah was offered?
  10. I have some questions about angel Gabriel if you don’t mind.
  11. Question about "a'oudou billah mina chaytan rajim"
  12. Tahweed and Shirk
  13. Does the soul leave the body while sleeping?
  14. Is it really obligatory or optional to recite durud e ibrahim before reciting your Du
  15. Does tabooism exist in Islam?
  16. Interpretation about age of 60 in Islam
  17. It is sinful for a someone to wish to be lifted the freedom from him?
  18. Is Islamic sharia really created by Allah? Or always existed?
  19. What are the rights of human jinn hybrids in Islam?
  20. The Particulars Can Undermine The Universals
  21. Meaning of the word “kafir”?
  22. It is possible and permissible to make Dua to have a private appointment with God in
  23. Can someone explain Qur'an 67:3
  24. Consensus of Scholars?
  25. Preservation of the Quran
  26. Could someone refute this argument trying to falsify Muhammad SAW?
  27. My Reservations about
  28. Hadith of water of women being yellow
  29. what did Allah create first. Was it the Heavens or was it the Earth?
  30. Lunar calendar - 12 months Clarification
  31. Can Allah do these things?
  32. Do Muslims understand Islam is based on Paul?
  33. islam and misogyny
  34. Qur'an
  35. Truth seeker
  36. People of the book
  37. Holistic view of Islam
  38. On Marriage between Muslims and non Muslims.
  39. Musab Ibn Umair (radi Allahu 'anhu)
  40. Ancient Mecca
  41. Interest
  42. Education
  43. religious freedom
  44. Death of the Prophet (PBUH)
  45. Wishing for the Truth
  46. Zul-Qarnain
  47. Question about Islam's perspective of human history.
  48. Questions of Islamic Principles, from a Christian.
  49. What is piety?
  50. Terrorists Are Losers
  51. Saying "Islām Is A Religion of Peace"...?
  52. Do we really get whatever we want in Jannah? Confused...
  53. Unity in Islam
  54. all powerful God and human free will
  55. Questions about Islam
  56. crucifixion as punishment
  57. Borrow money and Islam values
  58. Does the Quran have scientific errors?
  59. Hadith and the Idea of Women Majority in Hell
  60. Wishing happy new year on 1st muharram
  61. Group Dua - Sunnah? Bidah? Etc
  62. Hadeeth: Being bitten twice
  63. What does this mean?
  64. How do I know which the correct path?
  65. topic of Talfiq and whether to choose a madhab or not
  66. Is it haram to wear makeup?
  67. Dealing with doubts?
  68. Are Muslims being picky when convenient?
  69. What is in Jannah?
  70. Are oaths using Wallahi in the bathroom/toilet valid?
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