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  1. Alleged Numerical contradictions
  2. non muslims as friends?
  3. Non-muslims allowed in a mosque?
  4. critisism and islam
  5. Numerical Miracles of the Quran: True or False?
  6. Islamic Condemnation of Terrorists
  7. Can somebody explain this?
  8. The truth about Isa(AS)---jesus
  9. Crescent Moon?
  10. about the Prophet's(PBUH) biographies.
  11. Regarding the 'Night Journey'...
  12. Prove that God exists
  13. Production of Semen
  14. The amazing Quran - Prophecy of Romans
  15. Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab - Seeking clarification
  16. Sayyid Qutb and Syed Abul A'la Maududi
  17. Health care for prisoners in Islam.
  18. What is the problem now?
  19. To shave the beard is haraam....
  20. Does the Quran have foreign (Syriac) words??
  21. Pregnancy duration
  22. What do you think of this story?
  23. The Prophet had once forgotten a Verse
  24. The Bible not corrupted?
  25. Embryology Timing
  26. 39:5
  27. haddith of the blind man on tawussul
  28. I Hope I don't Incur Fitnah with This But...
  29. Sami Zaatari's Refutations
  30. Repelling False notions of Modern day Mukafireen and Irhaabiyyen
  31. Prophecies of the Last Hour....
  32. Refuting Quranists
  33. On another forum
  34. A Refutation of Naturalists
  35. Signs of Allah’s Existence
  36. Refer to the previous scriptures
  37. On Empire: a question from the Islam-violent? thread
  38. WAR IN THE QUR'AN & other holy Books
  39. Please refute
  40. Are the Taliban from Ahlus Sunnah, YES or NO?
  41. Is this a good Refutation? 'Was Islam Spread by the Sword?'
  42. Wife Beating in Islam?
  43. What does Islam say about terrorism?
  44. Refuting the 11 planets exaggeration...
  45. MODERATES REFUTED - Silencing Those Who Sugar Coat The Deen
  46. MODERATES REFUTED - Paltalk Room Now Open
  47. Evolution mentioned in hadith?
  48. What are your fellow muslims exactly doing in my Island?
  49. Protection Of The Right Of Life To Non-Moslems
  50. Could any of you answer this simple questions?
  51. Jihaad as understood by Ahlu-sunnah in contrast with the khawarij of the era
  52. Allegations on Prophet Issa (AS)
  53. Has Islam degenerated over time?
  54. Question about the war in Somalia
  55. To The Death
  56. How can refute someone who says Hadith contract themselves& that they are unauthentic
  57. Narration of Malik Dar is a proof against the modern day mushrikeen!
  58. barseesa the monk!
  59. Aisha's age- the 17 years old argument
  60. a friend sent me this... lets refute
  61. Refuting Aisha's age of marriage being 9 once and for all.
  62. We are not required to wear Hijab- please help me refute
  63. are ALL non-muslims abided in HELL...(completely explained here)
  64. Please help me understand
  65. The Rights of a Dhimmi (non muslim) & Muslim in an Islamic State.
  66. Islamic Citizenship - System of Rights
  67. Islamic Politics - Forming an Islamic Democracy.
  68. Some Ahadith misconceptions
  69. Qur'an: Does it say the Bible is inerrant
  70. Referring to muslims awarded virgins...
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