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  1. The Authority of the Hadiths
  2. Need help refuting the "Qur'an Only Muslims"
  3. The Prophet SAWS raiding caravans?
  4. Mainstream Bias against Islam
  5. How many versions of Quran are there?
  6. Allah created the Universe in six days !!!
  7. Evolution, Satan's Tool?
  8. The battle of Badr (Definition of Victory & Defeat)
  9. Muhammad(pbuh) is not the comforter? Help me refute!
  10. The Prophet SAWS and his marriage to 'Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her)
  11. Why so stress out?
  12. Happy Children Day, everyone...
  13. What is the dispute, we have anyway?
  14. Who revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad?
  15. Who is Jesus- prophet or more?
  16. Proper understanding of Hadith in Islam
  17. Attack on Qur'an
  18. Raping virgins before their execution
  19. In search of the elusive Soul..
  20. a great refutation, so the speaker thinks
  21. Britz
  22. Surat An-Nasr, Non-Muslims What Do you think
  23. Who first collected the Qur'an
  24. Muslims belief about Trinity
  25. Inexperienced Muslim's Argument against Atheist Professor
  26. What prevents two muslim men (or women) from falling in love?
  27. know the answer, what non muslims talk against islam just on
  28. Allegation by non-Muslims regarding Prophet Muhammad. Help me refute.
  29. Non-muslims converted for gov't positions. Need advice.
  30. Refutation: "From among their brethren..." (A Jewish brethren only?)
  31. Against Rasulallah
  32. Muslim Seeking a Refutation of Original Sin
  33. help me forget about the one i know i cant be with..........
  34. assumptions about violence towards women
  35. Does Islam Sanction Terrorism?
  36. need advise on anti-islam comments
  37. "Violent Verses" in the Quran
  38. Islamic response to Atheist argument: Morality comes from survival instinct
  39. A Muslim Discussion on Atheism
  40. What The West Needs To Know About "What The West Needs To Know"
  41. does Islam gurantee freedom of religion?
  42. why do we pray
  43. 100% proof that jesus is NOT god
  44. Answering Christianty
  45. Truth About the life of Jesus OR Is It...?
  46. [EMBRYOLOGY] Bones and flesh
  47. Whats this form for?
  48. Quran being copied & the embrology crisis
  49. Muslim Seeking Refutation of Alleged Ad Hominem Fallacy in Quran
  50. Was the Prophet Illiterate or Literate?
  51. Did Jesus of the Bible sin?
  52. The 10 Commandments: A Refutation of the Claimed Absurdity
  53. Verse 11 Surah 41.
  54. Islamic Response To Claim: We need only reason to find truth
  55. Research Conducted on ZAM ZAM By Tariq Hussain
  56. Explanation of Sahih Bukhari 4:55:546 regarding "child's resemblance"
  57. sis havin affair with her own sis husband
  58. What Happens In Heaven
  59. Religion is number one instigator of violence?
  60. Adam and eves innocence.
  61. What are these 7 earths the Qur'an talks about?
  62. Do u agree that "tolerance" promoted today is a conspiracy?
  63. Oh how I love
  64. Alcohol fatwa sparks controversy
  65. Is homosexuality chosen?
  66. Why doesn't God Stop all the suffering on Earth?
  67. What Is al-Aqsa? Where is it? Is it the Gold dome or Green Dome?
  68. Refutatiion Needed For an Intercourse Hadith on genetics??
  69. I CHALLENGE every sunni - VS SHIA
  70. Evil Manifest?
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