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View Full Version : Comparative religion

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  1. Why so many atheist exist online but i barely see many on the streets?
  2. The presence of God
  3. Religion has no place in the 21st Century? Cambrige Union Society debate
  4. Paul's Gospel
  5. A survey you've probably never seen
  6. When did Christianity become an Missionary Religion ?
  7. Since Jews and Christians reject Prophet Muhammad do they also reject all Prophets ?
  8. Look at this this way...
  9. Muslims pray in a Church, USA
  10. The importance of Shaytan
  11. Being both Muslim and Christian?
  12. How religions change their mind
  13. A Universe from NOTHING?
  14. The nature of (monotheistic) religion - an atheist's perspective
  15. Qur'an or the Bible?
  16. Free Will In Heaven
  17. Mormon vs Muslim View on Atonement/Sin
  18. Ex-AtheistMuslims.com - No biological man-made life yet – Science is decades behind..
  19. where are all of the unitarian christians?
  20. A Call to the Real Salvation
  21. Question about Christians and forgiveness
  22. Jesus has been Hijacked
  23. The modern day religious problem
  24. Question about Jesus
  25. Spouses in the Afterlife in Islam vs Other Religions ?
  26. "Kindness" -Christians do the awful things
  27. Atheism in my view
  28. "kindness" the awful things that Christians do part 2
  29. criticism of faith of christians in quran
  30. an invitation to the member Christianuk
  31. Crimes and penalties in the Bible and Islam
  32. 'A' is for Allah...This is Why.
  33. Free Will... Predestination... Determinism... and Islam.
  34. Holy Spirit and Guidance
  35. Why does Islam reject the apostleship of Paul?
  36. Ask an atheist anything
  37. The 'God of Gaps' Arguments
  38. Question to Muslims about Ernest Becker's book "The Denial of Death"
  39. Christians wishing to talk about "kindness"
  40. Homework help for the Atheists
  41. How to destroy atheism
  42. Taking scripture literally
  43. Jesus never said "Father"
  44. Pretty funny debate about the trinity (a part of it)
  45. Can I follow the Old Testament in Islam?
  46. God did not sacrifice Jesus
  47. Atheist v Muslim on plane
  48. Questions about islam.
  49. Textual corruption of the Qur'an?
  50. Study finds that Atheism is more prevalent within...
  51. Imam Shafi'i rh.a responded to atheist
  52. 1500 Year Old Bible Confirms That Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified
  53. Why do you believe the Quran is divine revelation?
  54. Incident of Imam Shaafi‘ee (rahimahullah) and an Atheist
  55. The Apostle Paul and his role in Christianity
  56. he's not a dhimmi
  57. Religion is the main cause of war and most suffering in the world | Refuted
  58. Atheism and its dangers
  59. atheist logic
  60. Bible is corrupt... They accept
  61. muslim and jew walking together
  62. Hijab in Christianity
  63. atheists in space
  64. Similarity between Christians in Indonesia and Muslims in the West
  65. Converses of Wisdom
  66. A Muslim, Jew, and Christian sit together at a dinner table
  67. Mary is mentioned in the Holy Quran more times than in the New Testament!
  68. An Atheist Examines a Stupid Meme
  69. Atheists Are A Proof of God
  70. Did Jesus Predict Muhammad?
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