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03-26-2005, 08:35 PM

When Adam ate the forbidden fruit, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah forgave him and erased his sin.
When Abraham was thrown into the fire, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah saved him and made the fire cool.
When ordered to sacrifice his son, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah replaced his son with a mountain goat.
When Hagar had nothing to feed her baby, she cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah burst forth for her the Spring of Zamzam.

When Joseph was thrown into the well, he cried “Ya Allah!”
So Allah reassured him of His Help and Victory.
When Jacob became blind at the grief of his missing son, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah restored his sight and returned to him his son.
When Moses fled his land in fear, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah gave him safety in the farmer’s house.
When Pharaoh’s army closed in on them, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah parted the sea for them and drowned their enemy.

When Job was stricken with distress, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah restored for him his health and wealth.
When Jonah lay at the bottom of the sea, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah ordered the whale to bring him to shore.
When David met Goliath, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah gave him victory and Goliath was slain.
When they tried to crucify Jesus, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah raised him up and saved him from crucifixion.

When Muhammad’s followers were tortured, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah opened for them the way to Madinah.
When he was nearly captured in the cave, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah’s spider spun a web and concealed him.
When his army was outnumbered at Badr, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah sent down angels to rout his foe.
When his Companions were massacred at Mauna, he cried, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah avenged their deaths and destroyed the oppressors.

When a ship is tossed by a storm, they cry, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah brings them safely to land.
When trapped in a dark hole, they cry, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah enlightens them with an opening.
When the rope becomes too tight, they cry, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah breaks it and brings them relief.
When they plead for Allah’s Help and cry, “Ya Allah!”
So Allah responds, “Indeed My Help is Near!”

When matters are beyond you, cry, “YA ALLAH!”
And He will aid you and assist you.
When all hope is lost, cry, “YA ALLAH!”
And He will bring you ease after hardship.
When you have nothing left, cry, “YA ALLAH!”
And He will provide for you from where you could never imagine.
When you have no one else to turn to, cry, “YA ALLAH!”
And you will find Him in front of you,
Hearing and Responding.



The Servant Poor to his Lord
British Political Prisoner
Babar Ahmad MX5383
H.M.P Woodhill, UK
17th November 2004
^One of my Favourite poems. So beautifully said.
May Allah reward Brother Babar for all that he has been put through.And hasten the release of our brother Babar. Aameen.

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12-25-2007, 10:52 PM
Assalam o Allikum SubhanAllah, intresting and great poem.
Allahu Akbar.


12-26-2007, 01:23 PM
Mashallah Beautiful poem...inshallah I pray this brother gets released soon inshallahh..

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