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02-04-2008, 02:10 PM
:w::sl:ppl dis forum say n i didnt say ur wrong bt we shouldnt do thingz tht cause cause of its temptatione.ror example nt 2 tlk 2 the oppsite sex cause it may cause zinnah yhhh?bt say u cn control ur self iis it halal? asin keep it freindly?so tlking 2 oppsite sex bt jus freindly?wouldnt it be harm if u do somthing wrong? or go step further? or is it harm jus 2 tlk 2 them?jazaaakallah all

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02-06-2008, 09:17 PM
hrmmmm i dont really understand the question
ur saying if u can control ur self when talking 2 the oppsite gender, as in not look is it halal?

welll its still haram i think not 2 sure!

yeah its halaram because ur nt even allowed 2 be in the same room with another girl!!!

02-07-2008, 06:57 PM

Talking to the opposite gender is not halal. Full stop.

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