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02-07-2008, 09:36 PM
In The Name of Allah

Assalam Alykum sisters and brothers,

First of all, may Allah bless us and guide us in this life and the after.
This year was completely different for me. I come to know Muslims who were non-Muslims years ago. Actually, knowing those Muslims have showed me that I am not a good Muslim as I should be. Those Muslims make me realize how great Islam is. Being one of the Arabs who were born as a Muslim, I realized that some Muslim do not appreciate what Islam gave us. Thus, I have thought of writing a book to tell everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims, about the greatness of Islam.
In this book, I will include the stories of Muslims who have embraced Islam and experienced its overwhelming feelings throughout its mercy, kindness, and forgiveness which help them to explore themselves and find their lost identities.

This book hopefully will tell Muslims how those non-Muslims came to realize the truth and how this truth was a turning point in their lives. Through their stories, we catch on what and how they gave up everything in their lives to be good Muslims. They gave up their whole life; they gave up their wives, husbands, kids, homes, and their old selves for the sake of Islam.
To participate in this project, please send us your story about how you embraced Islam including the following:• Your name, age, city, and photo. "Optional".
• How and why you embrace Islam.
• The effect of Islam on your life.
• You and your life before and after Islam.
• What did you give up in order to gain what you have?

You are completely free to exclude any of the points above that you dislike talking about.
May Allah guide people and help them to realize the truth, realize Islam the only way to save our souls in the Day of resurrection. Amen!
Kindly send your stories to haifaamk@yahoo.comFor more information please feel free to contact us on the same email.

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