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02-15-2008, 08:00 AM
:sl: dear brothers and sisters,

I hope you don't mind my sharing my happy news.

My sister sent a puppy I've been keeping after my hubby rescued from a river to an animal shelter called Paws. I've been worried sick since then because if he doesn't get adopted soon, they will have to put him down.
Alhamdulillah exactly 40 days after Qitmeer was sent there and as soon as he was released from quarantine and medical, someone adopted him.
I've been making du'a for him to be adopted everyday and Allah swt, ya Rahmaan, ya Rahiim answered my prayer so fast. I feel extremely happy and reinforced because every second, there are how many million of people making dua to Allah, and when Allah answered d'ua. I cannot help thinking with syukur that Allah still pay attention to me, a person whose imaan is still weak, whose ibadah sunnah is very little.

I make many du'a among them is to have zuriat. Allah hasn't granted me that but after when one du'a is accepted, I feel more patience because this reminds me that everything belongs to Allah and He will give what we ask when the time is right.

As an advice and reminder to myself and us all, whatever happen, however difficult, don't ever give up on Allah kindness. Make du'a and leave everything to Allah and don't get overly worried because Allah knows what's best for us. My tafsir teacher often reminded us that the du'a of prophet Ibrahim A.S for Makkah to be a blessed with pilgrims and barakah was answered almost a thousand years later during Rasulullah time. Who am i to think about when will Allah answer my prayers.:-[

I apologize for everybody to have to put up with my avatar which is not exactly appropriate as a muslim. I'll changed it a.s.a.p. (it has served its purpose for me to make du'a each time I see it)

Thank you for your supports.:thankyou:

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02-15-2008, 08:12 AM
Its very cute. :statisfie - the little warrior
but why you didn't keep it :?

02-15-2008, 08:21 AM
Thank you Tania.
I love it very much. Its just that I'm weak when it comes to animal. I miss Qitmeer everyday day and I actually became ill for about 3 weeks on and off (which may be due to missing him too much). I only recovered last monday. I talk to his photo each time i switch on my pc coz I put it as my deskstop background and screen saver. I'm glad he has a new family now.

02-15-2008, 08:43 AM
May be next time then :-[. because the vets theory is: you will be fine again only when you will get another puppy. Until then you will do exactly what are you doing now: missing Qitmeer. This feeling will pass only when you will hold another one :)

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