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02-18-2008, 07:39 AM

Chronicles of the Shariah: The Evolution of Fiqh taught by Sheikh Abu Yusuf Tawfique Chowdhury.

I've done this course, and I have to say it is brilliant mashaallah! One of the best aspects is that it clarifies issues related to madh-habs, such as why we have madh-habs int eh first place, how they differ from each other, the proepr way to follow a madh-hab, how a person should learn if they choose not to follow a madh-hab, etc.

It is TOP stuff, subhanallah! Don't miss out!

The course is being offered by the Alkauthar Institute. For those who have not heard of it, they offer weekend Islamic classes every few months or so on different Islamic topics. Countries include Australia, the UK and South Africa. Teachers of the Institute include:

Tawfique Chowdhury
Waleed Basyouni
Yasir Qadhi
Surkheel Sharif
Kamal El Mekki

Read about the Institute here.

This course is currently being offered in London and B'ham, but will inshaallah be coming to other cities in the UK in the future.

Chronicles of the Shariah
Evolution of Fiqh
by Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury
Birmingham: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT
Sat 15th - Sun 16th Mar 2008 - 8.30am - 7.00pm both days (Lunch break 12:30PM - 2:30PM)

London: Venue to be confirmed. Sat 24th - Sun 25th May 2008 - 8.30am - 7.00pm both days (Lunch break 12:30PM - 2:30PM)

Cost: ( £60 incl. VAT )

Here is the information about the course from the website:

Click here to enrol!

Chronicles of the Shariah

How did the Shariah evolve into this complex system of principles and rulings? How do jurists of different madhabs find answers to those awe inspiring questions? A student of fiqh cannot hope to understand fiqh except with a proper understanding of how fiqh evolved and why it is in its present state and where it is going.

Take a journey into the history of the evolution of fiqh. Learn about the four Imams, their history, their madhabs, the major books and the specifics of every madhab.

"MashAllah the Course was the best and most interesting I have taken so far, it covered so much of the history of the Shari'ah and its the Fiqh of our times and how the Ulma are trying to preserve Fiqh. So subhanAllah it was just amazing knowledge. SubhanAllah it makes the person want to just study Fiqh/Shari'ah. The Sheikh made it sound so good and just made the person love the Shari'ah even more." [M.R., Melbourne AlKauthar student]

In more than 70 pages, you will learn about:

* The importance of learning about the history of the Shariah.
* A look into the Quran and its principles.
* Detailed look at understanding the sunnah.
* Important details and conditions about Ijma.
* The evolution of fiqh in the eras of:
o Revelation
o Companions
o 40AH-100AH
o 100AH-320AH
o 320AH - present
* Detailed analysis of the 4 Imams and their effects on fiqh.
* The Usul of the different madhabs.
* Should we follow a madhab?
* All about taqleed.

Click here to read about what the past students have said about the course!

Click here to see a pic of one of the pages from the notes!

Who is this course for?

* Every Muslim trying to understand why a fatwa or ruling is so.
* Teachers who may not have a solid background in the Islamic sciences.
* Muslims who want to have a deep insight into understanding the madhabs.
* Students of Law faculties trying to understand the essence of Islamic Law.
* Research students who require deep analysis of the basis of Islamic Jurisprudence and its evolution.
* University students or High school seniors involved in calling to this religion.
* New Muslims who want to understand their Deen.

What will you come out with at the end of the course?

* A binder complete with notes on the details of the evolution of fiqh.
* Practical examples of how the madhabs developed and the most important issues regarding each one of them.
* Understanding the differences in Usul-ul-Fiqh between the different madhabs and how that impacts upon specifc rulings.
* Appreciation of the reason for differences amongst scholars.
* Motivation for applying the rules in order to deduce solutions to our current problems.

Course materials

When you sign up for a course, at the first session, you will be given a binder full of notes and important reading regarding the evolution of Fiqh. You will be able to take down notes directly in the folder - this will stay with you for your future reference.

Course particulars

Faculty: Fiqh
Type: Core topic
Credits: 3
Duration of Course: 18 hours which includes 4 instructor led sessions of 4 hours each


Please check the enrolment page for course timings and venue in your city.

* Don't be afraid of the hours. AlKauthar Institute seminars are not long lectures upon lectures hours on end. There will be many different and new ways we are imparting knowledge to ensure we make it interactive, interesting, exciting and thought provoking.
* Times include a 2 hour break in the early afternoon
* There will be plenty of refresher breaks in between hours to ensure student attention is maximised

We only have limited seats at each seminar. So to ensure you don't miss out we encourage you to enrol as soon as possible to confirm your seat.

Why Enrol?

Knowledge is power. It increases when you give it. It is needed by Kings and beggars alike. It eases the path to paradise. We are constantly reminded in the Qur’an and Sunnah of the importance of gaining Islamic knowledge so as to apply it in our lives. At AlKauthar Institute we have attempted to make this path as easy as possible for a Muslim, but in the end it will require your own individual commitment, dedication and hardwork to gain the pleasure of Allah.


* The benefits you receive for the fee you pay for these courses will far out weigh the benefits you will receive from the payment of any other course such as university fees, professional membership fees, conference fees amongst many others.
* Practicality is always emphasised. You will learn so much in such little time and in such a manner that will ensure that you will be able to impart that knowledge straight away. Come and experience the AlKauthar Method and the world's first Case based islamic learning.
* Give your islamic education solid direction. One course at a time you will edge closer to a diploma, degree and honours.
* Instructors who will provide engaging and enjoyable university level lessons in a professional manner at ideal venues complimenting our technology focused teaching style. Our instructors also have plenty of experience dealing with Muslim affairs in the West.
* Our student advisors and online student centre,combined with the support of an online community consisting of your instructors and your fellow students from around Australia and the world.

AlKauthar Institute is aiming to develop a pioneering world class Islamic learning institute, providing a professional and refreshing approach to Islamic courses which will touch the hearts and revive the souls. Come and see for yourself how we attempt to seek the reward of Allah by enriching the lives of individuals and communities.

Rarely do opportunities like this come our way whilst we are healthy and able. Take advantage of the chance and ENROL NOW! What will you be missing out on if you don't?

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02-18-2008, 11:12 AM

London London London!!! :blind:

Course sounds wiked Mashaa Allaah... imsad

02-18-2008, 11:26 AM

02-18-2008, 11:35 AM
format_quote Originally Posted by AhLÄÄM
London London London!!! :blind:

Hopefully Alkauthar will come to your city soon sis. :) There is no doubt that they plan to expand to many more cities in the future inshaallah. :thumbs_up

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02-18-2008, 02:29 PM
Il be there inshaAllah...looking forward to it ;D

02-18-2008, 03:58 PM
Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury is amazing Mashaa'Allah!

He is also very good friends with Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, I'll have you know...


02-18-2008, 04:00 PM

Both of them are SUPERB lecturers Mashaa Allaah, May Allaah grant them Jannah, AMeen!!

02-19-2008, 09:11 AM

Some of the feedback for the course:

Jazak Allah Khairun to the Sheikh for yet another mind-blowing course! The knowledge I gained was tremendous and I am sure each and every one of us have benefitted heaps from this course!

It was an amazing weekend mashaa'Allaah. So much interesting information that was shared subhaan'Allaah. The dedication of the scholars was mindblowing.

The course was great MashaAllah esp hearing about the great Ulama of our deen and the glimpse into the lives of the current Ulama - MashaAllah

JazakAllah khair to the sheikh and all those involved in organising yet another imaan raising course. I have to admit, having attended AlMaghrib's (am I allowed to mention that name here? ) Usool-ul-Fiqh course with Muhammad al Shareef previously, I was expecting CoS to be a revision, but alhamdulilah, revision it was NOT! It was extremely satisfying that CoS took a different tangent and delved into the historical context.

There were many eye-openers - including inspiration stories and tid-bits about the dedication and hardship that our beloved scholars went through to get this Message to us. I only wish more people attended and benefitted from the course.

It was interesting to note that despite extreme adversity - like that of thousands of forged hadith in Iraq - islam still maintained its intrinsic ability to overcome such hurdles and remain pristine. Truly, Allah has protected His Deen.

Don't miss out. :D

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