View Full Version : Help with an internet campaign. Fundrasing to buy a brother a ticket home.

02-25-2008, 06:36 PM

As salaamu Alaikum,


The purpose of this campaign is a simple one. We a looking to raise enough funds to send a brother home from Los Angeles usa to Jakarta indonesia.

He lost his job to to a fire at the company he worked at for the pat three years.

He has a wife and small some in indonesia who havent seen him for 3 years and need him to be with them.

We have set up a blog and website with the intent of raising funds through all Halal ways over the next thirty days in order to send Brother Abdullah home.

After the succesfull completion of the campaign the blog will remain up as an archive, but the fundraiser will be closed.

We are looking for people to make donations.

If you or someone you know can sponsor the entire cost of a ticket from Los angeles to Jakarta, please contact bilalabm@gmail.com

If you can make a smaller donation please go to http://atickethome.blogspot.com/ and click on one of the paypal links.

You do not have to give a financial donation to help out;

If you simply view the page you will be helping us raise ad revenue which will also go to the cause of buying a ticket to Jakarta.

If you have technical skills and can volunteer your assistance for this project please help by contacting bilalabm@gmail.com.

Litterally even just taking a look at this site, and telling others to do so as well, will help us reach a very simple goal.

And of course, most importantly, include us and our families in your Dua.

As salaamu alaikum,


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