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02-28-2008, 03:00 PM

It is reported from Nu’aym bin Hammaad:

‘Abdullah bin Al-Mubaarak used to often stay at home, so he was asked, “Don’t you get lonely?” He replied, “How could I get lonely when I am with the Prophet – Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon him (i.e. I read his hadeeth)?”

Also on the authority of Nu’aym bin Hammaad:

It was once said to ‘Abdullah bin Al-Mubaarak, “O Abu ‘Abd Al-Rahmaan, you often sit alone at home.” He said, “I am alone? I am with the Prophet - Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and his Companions.” Meaning: reading hadeeth.

Ibn ‘Asaakir, Taareekh Dimashq 32/458.

Shaqeeq bin Ibraaheem reports:

It was once said to ‘Abdullah bin Al-Mubaarak, “After you have prayed with us you don’t sit with us?” He replied, “I go and sit with the Sahaabah and the Taabi’een.” We said, “And how can you sit with the Sahaabah and Taabi’een (when they have all passed away)?” He replied, “I go and read the knowledge I have collected, I find their narrations and deeds. What would I do with you? You sit around backbiting people.”

Adh-Dhahabee, Siyar A’laam Al-Nubalaa' in his biography of ‘Abdullah bin Al-Mubaarak.

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02-28-2008, 03:02 PM

Subhaan Allaah I like the last one Mashaa Allaah really nice...

02-28-2008, 03:09 PM
assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah

if im always reading about the sahabi's, does that mean im with them?! :ooh:

it had to be asked !

Assalamu Alaikum

02-28-2008, 03:13 PM

Subhanallah! This really gave me something to think and reflect on.

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