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View Full Version : A book is not always judged by its cover ..

Abu Thabit
03-30-2008, 01:46 PM
Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,

I just wanted to share with all of you this article that I wrote in my blog:

I was thinking before two days and started asking myself some few questions,
so I will start asking myself again,

Q: Is it possible to judge things by its appearance?

A: Well, it depends.

Q: Ok, how?

A: It differs from one individual and another.

Q: Can you explain more please?

A: Sure.

A person has a unique appearance that any stranger will have a
certain first impression about that person, so it depends on the
others, what kind of qualities they are looking for. So the one who
finds those qualities in that person, will be a victim for his outer appearance
which mostly differs from his inner appearance.

Each individual is hiding behind a specific outer appearance,
and not appearing in his/her true appearance (inner appearance).
For instance, you meet a nice person that you might regret not
meeting him before, then once you get to know that person more,
and have a view from a different angle and another dimension,
you start to realize that this person is just like a mirage.

(Note: some people are trying their best to give a good first impression,
and at the same time fix their behaviours,
I advice them to continue trying till they appear crystal clear and
without any scratches. People should act true to themselves and to others,
even if they didnt give a good impression to the others, at least they
didnt fool themselves with the masks that they wear infront of the

And another person who might not give a good first impression or
give a neutral one, once you get to know that person more,
you start to realize that this person is a precious treasure.

This type of individual who is like a precious treasure,
can give any kind of impression he wants, and that doesnt harm him really,
because who wants the treasure,
must work hard to find it and dig it,
so if the treasure is found,
then it is a blessing from the Most High,
and if it is not found,
then the quest must keep on going.


A good first impression is not enough to define someone,
because sometimes a bad first impression type of person as I stated before,
might be the good person.

So dont forget that a book is not always judged by its cover.

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03-30-2008, 02:30 PM
Nice ..i read this on ur blog bro..real beneficial mashallah

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