View Full Version : Exclusive Video of British Marines Seized in Iran

04-03-2008, 07:43 PM
This Iranian site recently released some of the videos when Iranians captured the British Royal Marines. These guys got punked pretty bad. Funny how all these Arab governments are puppets of west while Iran stands up to these zalimeen.

But funny thing is Iran didnt even harm them. In fact I saw on youtube a clip of them eating kabob and playing ping pong. This is how Iran humanely treats its enemies. Maybe the so called civilized west should learn. Anyway these are definitely videos worth watching:




Dr. Abassi was also speaking about how cowardice they were (english subtitles):


Long live Islamic resistance against Anglo-Saxon imperialism which has it base in the Islamic Republic of Iran! Insha'allah the rest of the region follows suit in the same way South Lebanon and Gaza has.

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