View Full Version : Special operation against FSB in Ingushetia: 3 killed, 1 wounded

04-24-2008, 10:17 AM
As initially admitted by the officials of puppet regime in occupied by Russian troops Wilayah Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) of the Caucasus Emirate, a mobile Mujahideen unit have carried out in the village of Surhohi a successful special operation to eliminate members of FSB (Russian secret service) gang. Mujahideen have eliminated 3 FSB agents and wounded 1 kafir. But later on kuffar altered version of events and announced that supposedly "two members of FSB have been seriously wounded".

According to reports Mujahideen had opened fire at members of FSB gang from a car VAZ-21014. The successful operation was conducted on Wednesday afternoon near to new rural mosque, where kuffar track Muslims, who go to pray in the mosque.

After the elimination of members of FSB gang, kuffar sent additional troops to the village of Surhohi.

According to news sources, the road to the village Surhohi is sealed off. Villagers and even local murtadin are not allowed to enter the village.

BTRs (armored personnel carrier) and armored URAL trucks supported by soldiers are sent to village. Checkpoints are set up.

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