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04-30-2008, 04:36 AM
Warning: The following is what happens when Intelligent Design is successfully applied to cheesemaking. Weird (but true) science ahead.

There really is an Intelligent Cheesemaker. Without it, there would be no cheese. Even pizza would be impossible! Look!!


Eukaryotic (from animal cells) Aspartyl (contains amino acid Aspartic Acid) Cheesemaker (makes cheese) Protease (acts on Protein) are molecules (more than one atom bonded together) made out of Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulfur atoms you see here as spheres. To visualize the cheesemaker's features, temperature of the atoms is shown.

Some might argue it's not intelligent like we are. The cheesemaker is more like a molecular robot that reassembles milk proteins into curds leaving liquid whey behind. And the cheesemaker is only smart enough to make cheese. But that's all a cheesemaker needs to know how to do. It is thus intelligent enough for there to be an Intelligent Cheesemaker! Or kinda anyway.

Cows are lucky. They can make their own cheese. Our cheesemaker maker doesn't work anymore. See here:

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chymosin
Chymosin (or rennin) is an aspartic acid protease enzyme found in rennet. It is produced by the cow, in the lining of the abomasum (its fourth stomach).
Bovine chymosin is produced nowadays recombinantly in E.coli, Aspergillus niger var awamori, and K.lactis as alternative resource to the one from the cows.

The gene is found in humans (on chromosome 1), but it is not in a functioning form.
We can't just guzzle a quart of milk then a few days later belch up some cheddar, like we once could. Very big loss. This need is now in part expressed in incredible appetite for cheese products. In the US alone some 4.3 million metric tons of cheese was manufactured and is still increasing. The number of intelligent cheesemakers required for that quantity of lactation is staggering! A number with so many zeros it's beyond comprehension.

Thankfully, science solved the cheesemaker scarcity problem with a cow-safe process whereby bacteria with the cheesemaker genes make more cheesemakers.

From http://extension.usu.edu/AITC/teache...s/chesepls.pdf

Scientists discovered that the enzyme rennin (produced
in calf stomach lining cells) would coagulate the
protein (casein) in milk, forming curds and whey. Because
the enzyme reacts with a protein, the enzyme is
called a protease. Now, through biotechnology, the
gene from the calf stomach cell which makes the cell
produce the enzyme rennin is removed and inserted
into a bacteria or yeast cell. This causes the organism
to produce the enzyme.
Baby cows could then keep their fourth stomach. Free to grow to help the dairy farmers keep up with the lactation demands of the newly mass produced cheesemakers. Dairy cow and humans once again living in peaceful harmony.

In the making of intelligent cheesemakers is a science success story. We owe so much to the Intelligent Cheesemaker. Yet still, few know the intelligent cheesemaker like they should. Or even know where our precious cheese comes from. Or the molecular cheesemaking intelligence that makes it for us.

We can change all this. Next time you're waiting to order a cheeseburger or something, think of the intelligent cheesemakers maybe still racing around to make sure it's ready for you to enjoy. Tell everyone in line with you about that. Then tell them the truth about how without even giving thanks to the cheesemakers, they consume them. Are digestively one amino acid at a time dismantled, for their cells to reassemble into a protein/enzyme they are making. All proteins molecules like the cheesemaker started as a string of amino acids that folds to that shape, which is disassembled to be strung in another order to fold into something else. Meaning that, the cheesemakers are never really gone, just rearranged, which makes us one with them, as we become one with the cheesmaker.

It's such a shame in a world where we wonder if there is "Intelligent Design" that there are cheesemakers right there for us to behold that prove some things like cheese are in fact a product of intelligence! Which leads to the next big question of what does the intelligence of the intelligent cheesemaker maker maker look like? Which leads to Scientific Design Theory science to help us even better behold the power of cheese!

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04-30-2008, 05:00 AM
Dont Tell the Dutch!

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