View Full Version : OF raided West of Beit Hanoun killing five children in shelling civilian house

05-01-2008, 12:49 AM
Palestinian sources reported today morning that the Zionist occupation forces raided the West of Beit Hanoun near Erez cross. The sources added that four tanks and number of vehicles entered the area under heavy fire.

Eyewitnesses said that the Zionist tanks fired a tank missile towards a civilian house. People who lived in the area rushed to check the targeted area. Palestinian medical sources reported in an elementary news declared that five Palestinian children were martyred in the shelling.

The medical sources announced that its stuffs cannot give the real number of martyrs now because of the continuation of the Zionist assault to the area. The Zionist forces prevented the medical stuffs to do its work towards the Palestinian civilians who are wounded and still pleading. The medical stuffs considers the number martyrs will reach to five.

After a while the Zionist war planes targeted another flat in the same area, no news were available about the shelling. Al Qassam Brigades is repelling the Zionist invasion in the West of Beit Hanoun. The Brigades declared that the Qassam men sniped three Zionist soldiers and the operation is taped. The Zionist sources announced that two Zionist soldiers, Al Qassam Brigades claimed reponsibility for the operation.

Also, Al Qassam Brigades declared that it sniped a forth Zionist soldier in the area of the incursion, in the same context, the Brigades executed more operation as the following:

At 10:45, Al Qassam men launched two missiles at the Zionist settlement of "Natif Eitsra".

At 11:05, two Qassam rockets were launched at a Zionist infantry, west of Beit Hanoun.

At 11:10,Al Qassam resistance men shelled Eriz crossing with a mortar 120mm.

The Zionist sources also admitted that the Qassam rockets were landed near a house in Sederot and several Zionists were suffered from shock.

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