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05-08-2008, 04:18 AM
Here is palestine family from Gaza

This family consist of 13, the father of this family is patient as he has Asmaa Illnees and he troubles in his back

This father is the responsible of this indigent and needy family. and the family do not have any income source

Most of the family members are small sisters . they need food and eat and drink and clothes. Also many people ask the family to pay more than 6000$ debts accumulated on the family , fees of treatment and others needs)

Their conditions are very miserable and hard . the family live in old and small home not appropiate for living in camp in Gaza

The family is Registered as very special hardship case in the United Nation office in palestine and in the ministry of social Affairs in Palestine .

The small children( pretend these small sisters ) always cry need food, drink and clothes

The Profile of this Needy Family is available inside the office of the charity Organization
Life for Relief and Develipment in USA.


and Also you can sponsor this needy family by charity organization

Palestinians Refugees support Network

You can sponsor this Poor and Needy family ByThese organizations .

I hope from all my brothers and sisters to sponsor and relief this Family ASAP Inshallah.

Please If anyone would likt to sponsor this family, Please inform me and I will give you address of the family and address of the contact person in these organization Inshallah.

PS: sponsorship of this family is 100 $/month and last for at least 1 Year.

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