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05-13-2008, 11:42 AM
As humans, we need to be touched, to be loved, to be cared for. As humans, we have a need for other humans to be with us.

Many humans are actually afraid... to ever be alone.

But dear brothers and sisters, what is this loneliness? Will we ever be alone?

Brothers and sisters, you can be stranded inside a whale and Allah will still hear your prayers, like those of Yunus 'alayhi salaam. Brothers and sisters, you can be confined in a prison and Allah will know where you are, like He did with Yusuf 'alayhi salaam. Brothers and sisters, you can be forced away from everyone and everything you have ever known, including your very own spouse, but Allah will still be with you, like He was with Lut 'alayhi salaam. Brothers and sisters, you can be deserted under the baking sun with no food and no water to survive on your own but Allah will save you, like He did with Hajrah (may Allah be pleased with her).

My dear brothers and sisters, you can be calling out with conviction to those most beloved to you to bring them to the truth of Islam and they may laugh at you and turn you away, but Allah will bring over a thousand years worth of generations to follow you... like He did with Prophet Muhammed sal Allahu 'alayhi wasallam.

SubhanAllah, walhamdullilah. Allahu Akbar.

How great is our Lord? How exalted be He in whose hands is the power and might to raise up the ocean and crash it down upon our lands (i.e., tsunamis), the power and might to make the winds come together to rip apart structures from the earth (i.e., tornadoes), the power and might to split the earth asunder and let it engulf men (i.e., earthquakes)... and yet He is the most Merciful...

Allah loves His creations MORE THAN how much a mother loves her child... SubhanAllah. Brothers and sisters, can you imagine that? Can you even bring yourselves to FATHOM that? Think about how much love a mother has for her own flesh and blood, just try to feel that, and THEN try to imagine how much love ALLAH has for His creations... SUBHANALLAH.

So tell me, brothers and sisters, how can we ever be lonely? How can we ever feel we are not loved?

OBEY YOUR LORD and watch the love shower upon you.

When Allah loves His slave, then He tells all of the Angels and inhabitants of Jannah to love that slave. If Allah loves you, then everyone will love you. It's that simple.

He doesn't ask much of us. Just do 5 things. Testify there is no deity worthy of worship except Him (and Rasullulah sal Allahu 'alayhi wasallam is His messenger), pray five times a day every day, fast for Ramadan, pay zakaat if/when you're able to, and go to Hajj one time if/when you're able to.

A man asked Rasullulah sal Allahu 'alayhi wasallam if he just PROPERLY did the shahaadah, salah, sawm, zakaat, and Hajj, but NOTHING else, then would he still be admitted into Paradise?

The answer was yes.

You have an entire LIFETIME to just do these FIVE things. Most of you who are reading this don't even have to do zakaat and Hajj since you're in no financial obligation for those yet, so for you it's just THREE things for now. SubhanAllah.

So tell me, how hard is it to do 3 things to obey your Lord? If you do those 3 things, how hard is to please Allah? How hard would it be to attain His love?

How would you ever be alone again?

Don't worry about everyone else in this life. Don't worry about friends and whatnot.

Turn to your Rabbil'alameen. It's that simple.


Muslim :: Book 37 : Hadith 6626

Abu Huraira reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: When Allah created the creation as He was upon the Throne, He put down in His Book: Verily, My mercy predominates My wrath.

Muslim :: Book 37 : Hadith 6632

Salman Farisi reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Verily, there are one hundred (parts of) mercy for Allah, and it is one part of this mercy by virtue of which there is mutual love between the people and ninety-nine reserved for the Day of Resurrection.

SubhanAllah, Allah is just WAITING for us to weep so He may forgive us. SubhanAllah.

THIS IS YOUR LORD, brothers and sisters, THIS IS OUR CREATOR.

We don't have to feel alone. We don't have to be afraid. There's nothing to be afraid of but the wrath of Allah leading to the Fire of Hell. There is nothing to be afraid of than the fact that if we disobey Allah, we may never see His Face...

My point put plainly: Obey our Creator and EVERYTHING will fall into place, insha'Allah. Turn to Him and everything will be okay. Turn to Him and you suddenly don't need to be afraid anymore. Everything you need will be brought to you. Just wait with eman and taqwa... and watch...

May Allah be with all of us at all times, ameen. May Allah never leave us for even the timespan of a breath, ameen. May Allah be with our brothers and sisters suffering around the world and bring them ease, ameen. May Allah grant His Mercy to our parents, our families, our brothers, our sisters, and us, ameen. May we all see His Face in Jannah, ameen.

(This is all to myself before anyone else.)

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05-13-2008, 11:43 AM


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