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05-13-2008, 11:46 AM
Some friends and I have been talking lately about a lot of fitnah going on... whether it be the massacre going on on the other side of the world, or the economy here in the U.S., or the problems going on in the lives of some people we know around us, or the fitnah involved in our own lives... and subhanAllah we just keep coming to the same conclusion at the end.

The Day of Judgment is almost here.

It feels like the whole world is falling apart, like everyone's LIVES are falling apart. Families are breaking up, friendships are being torn, people who may have once been everyone's role models are now becoming the examples of "What NOT To Do."

SubhanAllah, it's heartbreaking. And that is exactly what will happen to YOU... your heart will just shatter and you will feel hopeless because NONE of it makes sense. Not one bit of it. It feels like all you did was BLINK and suddenly the whole world is on fire and it's burning to ashes.

So what is our hope now, in the face of disaster? My friends and I just came to the same conclusion, of course it's an easy conclusion to come to, but it's not easy to ATTAIN this conclusion............................

We have to have taqwa, we have to have eman.

All of those lectures you heard at CY programs, all of those khutbahs you heard at your masjid, all of those issues you read in Shabab, it's all here and it's real. It's now. And they all said the same thing in the end... you HAVE to have belief in Allah, you HAVE to fear Him, you HAVE to have hope through Him.

The time has come when we will either enjoin in salah, or leave it. We will either hold up our hands in prayer, or drop them to our sides in despair.

We will either backbite on the believers (no matter what they're like) or we will let it go. We will either give in to temptation, or we will stand firm against it.

We will either believe in Allah... or we won't...

The time has come. We've been wasting time fooling around. One day we will wake up in bed and look around only to find the walls of our house having become dust on the ground. We will wake up one day, and nothing will be the same ever again. We will be STRIPPED of every security we ever thought we had. We will realize... this world is a prison. It always was, we just didn't realize it.

This isn't just some depressing post. I came to this realization slowly over the past few weeks (or maybe it was over the course of life itself) and I just wanted to share it with other Muslims.

I personally think I'm foolish for taking so long to realize it, because it truly feels like tomorrow we will wake up drenched in sweat and we will realize that sweat is our sins... Everyone will see them. Everyone will know you did not repent (or you did repent but then you kept going back to them). Allah will show them. You will be so scared.

Think back to a time you were more scared than you ever have been in your life, maybe you were shaking, sweating, thinking the only thing worse than this could be................ wait, there's probably NOTHING worse than this fear you were feeling at that time... You will be even more scared than that.

Remember: Fear the CREATOR, not the creation.

Let go of everything about everyone around you. Now it's just about you. On the Day of Judgment, it will be EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF. Will you succeed when your Lord will question you? Can you even pass the FIRST question? "How was your Salah?" Imagine... imagine... imagine... No, don't imagine, it's going to be REALITY.

May Allah forgive us all. May Allah grant us all the greatest blessing of all, to see His face. May Allah guide us and our brothers and sisters. Ameen, ameen, thumma ameen.

(All of the above was first to myself, before anyone else.)

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05-13-2008, 11:47 AM

Remember: Fear the CREATOR, not the creation.
Nice one :thumbs_up

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