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05-13-2008, 11:50 AM

Peace and Blessings be upon you all

al-Hasan said, "What think you of a Day in which men shall stand on their feet for a period of fifty thousand years, eating not a morsel and drinking not a drop, until, when their throats are lacerated by thirst and their bellies burned up with hunger, they are taken away to Hell and given to drink from a boiling spring, whose heat had already been prepared, and the scorching of which had grown intense

When they are at the end of there strength, and their endurance, they asked around one another, trying to find a man who is honourable in the sight of his Lord, that he might intercede on their behalf. But no sooner do they congregate around a Prophet them he sends them away, saying, "Leave me! Myself! Myself! My plight has made me heedless of the plight of others!"

And each one asks to be excused [the duty of Intercession] becasue of the great wrath of God(Exalted is He!), saying, "Today our Lord is angered as He has never been before, and as He shall never be again". Then our prophet(may Allah bless him and grant him peace) intercedes on behalf of those for whom this is permitted; none posses right of intercession save he who is permitted this by the All-Merciful and whose speech is pleasing to him.'

Ponder, then, the length of that Day and the intensity of the anticipation which must then be endured, that perhaps endurance in the face of sin in your fleeting life in this world may grow easier for you. Know also that when one's waiting for death in this world becomes lengthy as a result of one's great acts of fortitude in the face of one's desires, then one's waiting upon that Day will be of especially brief duration.

The Messenger of Allah sallilahualahiwasalam said, upon being questioned about the length of that Day, 'By Him in Whose hand lies my soul, it shall be shortened for the believer until it becomes briefer for him than the prescribed prayer which he used to perform in the world.'

Strive, therefore, to be among those believers. As long as a single breath of your lifetime remains this affair and the preparations for it lie in your hands. So labour during says that are short for others which shall be lengthy, and you shall reap a gain of unceasing joy. Consider your lifespan to be short, and that of the world itself, for were you to remain steadfast for seven thousand years in order to escape from a Day the length of which is fifty thousand, your gain would be immense, and your effort minor indeed.

- Al-Ghazaly

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