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05-16-2008, 01:30 PM
This appeal landed in my inbox. It seemed only right to share it here ...

Muslim Aid is on the ground in Myanmar (also known as Burma). Our emergency response team from Sri Lanka touched down in Yangon (Rangoon) early on Saturday 10th May 2008. We are one of the very few international aid agencies to be given access to Myanmar.

Within a few hours of their arrival the team and our local partners set about delivering vital supplies of clean drinking water, medicines, food and utensils.

Muslim Aid needs your help to raise US $2 million to save the lives of the thousands of survivors left homeless by the devastating cyclone in Myanmar. Muslim Aid has already allocated US $200,000 to provide clean water, food and basic healthcare.

The generous response that we have witnessed so far from donors in the UK and abroad has enabled us to send 1.5 million aqua tabs which can help to provide clean water for 50,000 people for one week. We have 9 water purification systems with the help of our partner ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) in Yangon. We are also sending 500 food parcels. This will provide 70,000 people with clean drinking water every day as long as there is water available.

Please consider making a donation.

May God bless you. :)

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