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egyptian gumbo
05-24-2008, 07:24 PM
Assalamu alaikum,

so I'm a little new on these forums, but mashaAllah I like what I see. I'm really into islamic media, and subhanallah this really good opportunity for anyone else interested in any areas of media (I'm a public relations major.)

Some of you may have heard about this program already but mashaAllah, this is truly an awesome opportunity for all of us. This program has been displayed on a lot of different sites like Muslim Matters, Islamonline.net and it really is SO RARE to find a program like this for Muslims.

Here's the website: www.messagemastery.com

Message Mastery is a system that was started by Br. Belal Khan from Leechon Films. He makes a lot of those AlMaghrib Trailers and has his own film company. He's teaching an online class (webinar) on May 31st for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of video production. Everything from writing a script to lighting to editing.

He's only taking up to 200 people for the class. And subhanallah what's even more amazing is that those 200 people will get into all future classes free. He's going to be teaching classes on marketing, social networking sites, media writing and more.

The cost for the class is $247, but it's soooo worth it considering all other classes will be free if you take this one. The videos he's come out with on the program are really awesome, and you guys can watch it on the website.

I signed up and I know a lot of other people that have signed up too.
I think the first class (on the 31st will actually be free for anyone to listen to)

here's the registration page seriously you dont want to miss out.

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