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06-10-2008, 09:40 PM

Assalaamu alaikum

Arabic-Courses.com presents its 4 day weekend seminar on an in-depth study of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. During these 4 days you will learn many stimulating and interesting topic concerning our two sources of revelation. Many important sciences will be covered during these 4 days to give you a better understanding of the Qur’aan and Sunnah, and a better appreciation of what is needed to understand them.

Dates: 12, 19, 26 July & 2 August.
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm with frequent breaks in-between.

Some of the many topics that we will cover in the Qur’aan section are:
* What is the Qur’aan? And how was it revealed, what was the difference between the Qur’aan and Hadeeth Qudusi?
*The impact the Qur’aan had on the Arabs and mankind, and the miracles in it.
*Virtues of the Qur’aan, or reading it and of studying it.
*How the Qur’aan was conveyed to the sahaabah and in turn to us (its preservation).
*Tafseer of the Qur’aano What is tafseer.o Brief history of tafseer,o How is tafseer done,o Examples of how an incorrect methodology in doing tafseer can bring rotten fruits.o Brief mention of the condition of a ‘Mufassir’ (interpreter) of the Qur’aan and the manners of doing so.o Some reliable sources of tafseer, and common mistakes people make in using books of tafseer or other books to find the meaning of the Qur’aan.
*A practical application of what we have studied on selected verses of the Qur’aan,

Some of the many topics that will cover in the Sunnah section are:
*What is the Sunnah, why have the Sunnah, and what are we supposed to do with it.
*The history of the Sunnah and its transmission.o The Sunnah at the time of the time of the Messenger of Allaah/Sahaabah,o The Sunnah at the time of the sahaabah/tabieeno The Sunnah up until the time of recordingo The recording of the Sunnah
*The science of hadeetho Its importanceo Its formationo Jarh wa ta’deelo The isnaad
*Practical application of science of hadeeth
*Answers to some of the doubts about hadeeth and its science
*The study of selected hadeeth from 40 hadeeth nawawee and umdatul ahkaami.

All of this for only £10 each Saturday.

So register on www.arabic-courses.com
Or contact us on contact-us@arabic-courses.com


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