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06-24-2008, 05:40 PM

Do not be sad


Shaikh A'id al Qarni gave us the following advice in his book "Dont be sad"
  • If you are stricken by poverty...others are chained in debt
  • If you don't have shoes ... others have no feet
  • If you have committed a mistake...correct it - the doors of repentance ever open!
  • The fountain of forgiveness is ever rich

  • So dont be sad, let all bygones be bygones
  • What is predestined for you, you shall see it happen
    Being sad will not change anything
    So dont be sad
    Sadness spoils your life
    So dont be sad
    Supplication is your shield
    Prayer is your beacon
    So dont be sad
    Prostrration is your means ...
    So dont be sad
  • See how vast is the Earth, How nice are the gardens and forests
    How bright are the stars - all are happy but you are sad...
    So dont be sad
  • You have sweet water to drink - fresh air to breather - feet to walk with
    You sleep safely in your bed
    So dont be sad
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
    After long nights come the bright sun
    Life will soon give you a smile
    So be ready to get it
    And dont be sad!
  • Real life is that spent in happiness
    So cross out your sad days from your age! Peace of mind is the real treasure

    Abu Hurayra reported Allahs Messenger
  • "Look at those who are inferior to you and do not look at those who are superior to you, for that is more likely to keep you from despising Allahs favour on you"
So Brothers & Sisters, there are many who have les than us, and who are going through more than us, let us all sit and reflect and praise and give thanks to Allah for all of the blessings we have, all the good that has been given to us..and let us also remember those who do not have much, in our dua (our prayers)

Brothers and Sisters ... DO NOT BE SAD



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06-25-2008, 09:50 AM
Jazakillah sis

06-26-2008, 12:32 PM
yeah jazakallah sis that was very helpful

06-26-2008, 12:36 PM
yeah...we must not be sad...even we into poverty...so nothing can give us happiness except Allah..Allah will give u peace and steadfast is 5x prayer and give us happiness and make more du'a...zikrullah and u will be happy and learn to accept everything just give and take and be patience...Allah is bewith us if we patience...and guide us everyday...and teach us everyday..! peace be upon You:w:

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