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06-27-2008, 03:34 AM
Hello people!

Long time no speak.

Got a weird event that happened to me recently. Known a friend of mine for 2 years and a bit, and on the day of the two year mark (while both of us were unaware), weird things happened. For example, we would briefly talk about the first day that we encountered each other and such, and we took like loads of photos together that '2 year mark day' like we did on the the 1st day and generally we would think/speak about the first day we saw each other throughout that '2 year mark day'.

We only realised the uncanny resemblance with that day in comparison to the first day, a day after. :?

A bit like 'Deja'vu', except we were sort of reliving a day that actually happened.

Has anyone experienced this before? It sent shivers down my spine thinking about it. Sorry if I've totally confused you.

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06-27-2008, 03:54 AM
I have myself experienced many deja vus before i fully submitted into islam, but then again at that time i used to have a lot of preminitions too...
and i remember many years ago i went to a psychic ( Yes shirk i know) Astaghfirullah
and she told me how i had very high psychic abilities and was quite tuned up but just had to meditate loads to get myself defined to my spirit guide ( more like my assigned qareen). so i asked her who is my spirit guide, she said it's a he and i asked what does he look like, she goes he is old and wears all black, thats when i FREAKED OUTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
Like Hellooooo???????
so i never went to any of loopey people like that again!!!

but since i am steadfast in salah and devouted to islam i dont have such things no more, so i personally thought that it was just tricks of the shaytaan.

But then again something really freaky did happen to me and my best friend about 2 weeks ago, it seemed that although it was just me and her in the house there was also something else present that was doing stuff whilst we were not present in a certain room and each time we came back to the room something would be changed.

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