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Abu Muhammed
07-06-2008, 05:41 AM
Annual Summer Dawrah Shari’ah Course 2008
For the first time in the UK!


Dawrah generally means an ‘intensive training programme’, in our case students from all around the UK and abroad will come together annually in the Summer to gain knowledge through an intensive 4 week programme. Students will have the privilege to be in the presence of renowned Scholars and Teachers learning directly from their hands who are mature graduates from Madinah Islamic University (Madinah, K.S.A), Muhammad Ibn Saud University (Riyadh, K.S.A), Egypt and others. After successful completion of the Dawrah students will receive a certificate signed by all the course instructors and be entered for the Dawrah Shari’ah Student of the year prize.

Confirmed Course Instructors for this years Summer Dawrah Shari’ah 2008

- Shaykh Haitham bin Jawwad al Haddad (Riyadh, K.S.A)
- Shaykh Khalid Fikry (Egypt)
- Ustadh Wasim Kempson (Madinah Islamic University, K.S.A)
- Ustadh Abu Talha (Madinah Islamic University, K.S.A)
- Ustadh Abu Abdir Rahman (Muhammad Ibn Saud University, K.S.A)
- and other visiting Teachers

*Female students will be taught via the latest live video & audio link which will maintain 100% segregation.

Course Subjects / Texts that will be studied through the medium of the English language and completed in the Dawrah:

- Tajweed ul Qur’an with Qira’ah
- Uloom ul Qur’an (The Science of the Qur’an): Based on a variety of different sources
- Aqeedah (Islamic Belief): Lum'atul I'itiqaad
- Usool ul Fiqh (Principles of understanding Islamic Jurisprudence): Al Waraqat
- Mustalah ul Hadeeth (Classification of Hadeeth): Al Bayquniyyah

Students have the option of taking additional subjects such as Arabic language, Tajweed and Fiqh us Sawm (Fiqh of Fasting) in preparation before Ramadhaan which will be welcomed straight after the Dawrah.

Reward Scheme

Students of the Dawrah Shari’ah 2008 will be given the chance of wining this years prize:

Prize for category one: Latest laptop personal computer
Prize for category two: Compilation of Darussalam books and gifts

The prizes will be based on two categories:
1. Punctuality and results of final exams
2. Effort & Student nomination
Only two prizes each for both genders!

The Annual UK Summer Dawrah Shari’ah course is a project of and organised by the Tayyibun Institute, the leading independent Islamic Institution in the UK. The project is supported by MRDF (Muslim Research and Development Foundation) and Darussalam the leading publishers of authentic Islamic books in the world.

Tayyibun is a non-partisan educational organisation, we are not affiliated with any groups, Islamic organisations or Mosques. We welcome all students of knowledge.

What better way is there to spend your Summer here in the UK?

Register Online now and join us in the Dawrah


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Abu Muhammed
07-21-2008, 05:55 AM
Promo Video

Alhamdulillaah the Tayyibun Institute’s Annual Summer Dawrah Shari’ah 2008 promotional preview video has just been released:


Register Online

Quick and simple enrolment:


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