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07-06-2008, 06:51 PM

This thread is to inform whoever may be interested in helping save Masjid Manhattan. I'm going to copy and paste the information from the website.

Our Masjid Manhattan lost its lease after 28 years!

As you may know, last May 25th our Masjid was evicted and forced to vacate the building located at 12 Warren Street in downtown Manhattan.

By the mercy of Allah, we found a small temporary location just two doors down the street from the old location and Alhamdullillah we did not have to close the Masjid. On May 26th, 2008 the Masjid moved to 20 Warren Street, basement floor. This new rental space is extremely small and it only has room for 20% of our members during Jummah. The rest of the members have to pray on the sidewalk outside the Masjid and are not able to listen to the Khubah.

Under these circumstances, we, the members, have undertaken the challenge and the responsibility to purchase a building and to keep the House of Allah open. Insha’Allah, we will do it! But, we need your help!

As you know, it is very difficult to find an affordable place for the Masjid in this prime location of the city. But, with the help of Allah, we are currently negotiating with two buildings in the area. The asking price is about 12 million each.

After years of tireless effort and exhausting all options, the Masjid has collected about $2.6 million dollars in donations. Our Board is working very hard to obtain a Shariah compliant loan in order to cover for the difference. We put our trust in Allah and with an united effort, we will make it Insha'Allah!

Our Goals

1. To raise the flag of La-Illaha-Illa-Allah in this strategic area of downtown Manhattan- right across form NYC City Hall, few blocks from Ground Zero (WTC), near Wall Street, churches, synagogues, governmental buildings, the Financial District and historical sites.

2. To establish an Islamic Center that projects to the world the real image of Islam and the real teachings of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.).

3. To provide every Muslim with a location where they could gather to worship Allah-suppon-wa-allah and to receive all the desperately needed community services, such as: A Masjid that fit the needs of our growing community, a Muslim Youth center and a D'awah center; a conference room for lectures, meetings and Islamic conventions; a wedding hall and a funeral home.

"Help us build the House of Allah and He will build one for you in Jannah"
If anyone is interested in helping out, here's the link to the masjid's website: http://www.masjidmanhattan.com/

If you'd like to donate, click here.


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