View Full Version : Was Muhammad ispired by Jinn? (I have doubts)

07-16-2008, 04:45 PM

I am new here and the main reason I decided to join was to clear my doubts regarding Islam. I hope my brothers and sisters can help to clear out my doubts (waswas) and help me to get back on the straight path.
Before I start I'd like everyone to keep an open mind. Please don't get angry at me if you think these doubts are silly.These have been bugging me for so long.

My main doubt is basically regarding the miracles of Islam. We like to think that these miracles (such as the scientific miracles in the Quran) prove to the truthfulness of this religion. But my problem is how do we know these so called 'miracles' were not the works of the Jinn?.

I remember Bilal Philips saying that all these other religions which claim to have these so called miracles are actually done by the jinn. Such as the hindus for example. When they feed milk to their idols it appears that the cow is drinking it. Bilal Philips was saying that the Jinn makes these things to happen to make the people believe that what they're doing is really the works of God so that they'll carry on believing in these things.

But what I wanna know is why can't this criteria be used when it comes to the miracles of the Quran? How do we know that all this scientific and other miracles the Prophet performed were not powers from the Jinn but God?

This has been troubling me for about a long time and I just want to put an end to this.


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