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07-26-2008, 08:42 PM
I hope you recieve this message in good health and Imaan.

Since August 2007, Road to Jannah Islamic Online Learning Organization has been striving to bring Islamic teachings across the globe. Alhamdulillah we recently bought our own domain and our website is expected to finish May 20, 2008. Our forum is 100% finished, and we have been open to registration as of today. Your participation is very much appreciated.

Please register by following the link below:

For more information, please email us at:

Jazakhallah & Wasalaams,
Duas Requested,
Road to Jannah Staff

To view our progress as of now, please visit: www.roadtojannah.org/home

To view the expected final product, please visit: www.roadtojannah.org

:D:D:D pls support this website, inshallah!

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