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10-06-2008, 10:00 AM
I have a few questions which I would like someone to answer (no, this is not a survey or interview, its just something I need to know coz I want to burn some cd's)
Well, here goes my questions:
1) how do you convert audio files? like from .rm to.mp3 or from .amr to .mp3. Do you need special software for that?
2) How do you edit mp3 files? how do you remove pieces and join th eothers?
3) can files only in .mp3 or.wma format be used to burn an audio cd?
4) can you erase an audio cd after you have burnt something onto it? what about a data cd?
5) how many minutes of audio can an 80min disc take (i know ots a strange question but its definately less than 80 so i want to know how much less)

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