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10-07-2008, 09:34 AM
A few months ago I had an experience.

It was May, I believe. I was in the kitchen with my friend. We were talking about robots. More specifically being able to plug your mind into a computer and control the robot using your mind. What the robot saw, you saw, it was projected into your brain. What the robot felt, you felt. Then, as the robot, what would happen if you walked into the room where you were controlling it, you looked at yourself, picked up a gun and shot your real self. Both you and the robot would die, of course. But would the same thing happen to both of you?

This of course got into a conversation about death, humans as basically organic robots and what happens when you die, if anything. This then lead to a conversation about infinity, what was before the big bang, what is happening right now to progress "time". This then lead to reality, existence, what "is". What is the present moment. Trying to figure this out. This is where I stopped remembering the conversation.

All I remember is shooting questions back and forth to each other with this strange feeling we were suddenly being watched. If I were by myself it actually would have frightened me, like we were entering something we shouldnt. Suddenly I entered another state of mind. Time didnt exist. It didnt matter. I felt like I was outside of our reality in a pure, perfect place full of all knowledge, everything made sense. I'm not sure what then happened, I think someone entered the room and I snapped out of it with the strangest, biggest smile on my face. I would describe it as pure joy, love & astonishment. But here is the weird part.

I looked over at my friend and he as well had the biggest smile on his face, astonishment. We both entered this at the exact same time and left at the exact same time. Our minds somehow connected. It could have been minutes or a split second, I honestly dont know. It was weird. It was supernatural. It wasnt anything I thought could happen through just a conversation. It wasnt anything I thought could happen in general. If it just happened to me I probably would have eventually convinced myself it didnt happen, but the fact it happened to both of us at the same time made it something real. We were finishing eachothers sentences. We knew eachother experienced the same thing by the looks on our faces. Sheer joy.

If I could describe it, it was like a burst of feeling & knowledge at the same time, but the knowledge being learned through the feeling, if that makes sense. I didnt hear a voice or anything. I felt I learned about our reality by the experience. I just knew things. One of the strangest and most amazing thing we both felt was the realization that death wasnt a bad thing. A begining. It was powerful. Another overwelming feeling we felt was that we are all one. Everyone alive is one. I could go on and on about things.

I dont know what the heck happened, but I know it was important. The next morning I woke up happy, strangely, extremely happy. Ive been on a quest for answers ever since. Here is my question for you guys... has anyone heard of anything like this before or know what it was? :)

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10-07-2008, 12:57 PM
Welcome To LI :)

That is an amazing story. I am not sure what it could be but maybe someone more experienced can answer your question.

Hope you find what you are looking for :)

10-07-2008, 03:09 PM
Peace and welcome.

Having spent much of my professional life as a psychologist I will just give my view point based upon experience.

I assume you are either in your late teen years or early twenties. this is a fairly common occurrence for people at that age. It is a very marvelous time of life full of many discovers and the discovery of abstract thinking. Also at this age neurological development is nearly complete and the beginning of bi-carmel brain process is taking place. the neural connections of the corpus callosum are nearly developed and inter-hemispherical interaction is taking place. The ability to simultaneous think with both hemispeheres is taking place. It is a very strange experience and feels very metaphysical. It results in sensations that feel like out of body experiences, time travel, mental telepathy etc. Qute a wonderous and enjoyable time of life.

Enjoy it and know it is a normal part of neurological growth.

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