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View Full Version : Little Kids and Islam

10-12-2008, 12:45 AM

Today, I explained to my 4 yr old brother about Allah (swt)
He knows about one or two Surahs, and Bismillah and the Shahadah.
But for some reason, I don't think anyone has really explained to him about Allah (swt). I don't know maybe he got confused =/. But the I started out like this:

My brother was scared and asked me to stay in the room.
So I said, "Omar, why are you scared?"
Bro: Stayy here...
"Do you know Allah (swt) Watches You and Protects you?"
His face: :hmm: Nooooo. :heated: Stay here.
Bro: What's Allah?
"He created you. Well he made you. He made everything."
Him: He built me ...and you.. and this house?
"Yes, He made it all."
Brother: "Where is he?"
"He is way above the sky."
Bro: He's on another planet? Is He on the purple planet?
"No, we do not know if He is on a planet. But we know that he is way past the sky, in the universe where all the planets are."
Bro: *curious face*
Me: Well, He watches you and Protects you. So you shouldn't be afraid.
Bro: Allah Watches Me? Mom!!! Allah Watches Me. *goes to my mom and runs around room* Allah Watches me Mom!
Bro: He's in the sky!
Me: No He is above the sky.
Bro: Oh he is above the sky, mom!

I don't know how well that worked. InshaAllah we'll see.

But I was thinking how Islam and Allah were slowly introduced to me when i was that young.
Everyday after preK, my grandmother would give me a piece of chocolate
Me: Oh Grandmother ( nani ammi), can I have another one?
Grandmother: Well, Allah (swt) is the one who gave it to you.
Me: Nani, nani ammi, will you ask Him to give me another one tomorrow?

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10-12-2008, 03:34 AM
this is so sweet!!...I think if you just keep on bringing it up little by little in everything you guys do together it will help. When he gets older he will understand more. Play little games with him and say Surahs and parts of the prayer to him in a sing song kind of way. He will start to repeat you and in no time he will have it memorized!!

I wish you all the best sister!!

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