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12-15-2008, 06:01 AM
PAF Chases away Indian Jets

December 14, 2008 | Dan Qayyum | Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz .com

News just coming in - Indian fighter planes have violated Pakistan’s air space by entering two places in Kashmir and Lahore on Saturday.

Planes of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which were already on alert, quickly came into action and forced the India’s fighter jets to leave Pakistan’s air space according to PAF sources.

The sources further said that the Indian planes were fully equipped with warheads.

Meanwhile, a state run TV channel has reported that a loud blast was heard in Arabian Sea between Badin and Jati cities Saturday night.

However, further details about the blast were not received.

The cause and exact location of the blast is being ascertained.

The local people were in a state of fear after the blast, sources said

Pakistan Air Force has assured the countrymen that the PAF was vigilant enough and ready to give a crushing reply to any aggression.





In a disgraceful episode, Information Minister Sherry Rehman has apologised on India’s behalf, saying the Indian jets entered Pakistan airspace by mistake.

Its about time we realised who our ‘leadership’ is working for. From Zardari shamelessly referring to Kashmiri Mujahideen as ‘terrorists’ and denying any threat to Pakistan from India, promising not to use our nukes, predicting the next 9/11 to come from Pakistan, justifying the US strikes on Pakistan’s western borders, their crackdown on Jama’at ud Dawa, and now apologising for and justifying the air-space violation by IAF, they’ve erased any doubt where their loyalties lie.

The question is, will the Pakistan Government now raise this blatant attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty in the United Nations?? and more importantly, how long will the Pakistan Army tolerate this crap?

Its about time they sent these traitors packing, and deployed our Shaheens, Ghauris and Baburs on the borders to deter any further stupidity by our neighbours, and bring the f**kers down if they dare cross our airspace again.


The Indian government has sought Israel’s help to launch commando attacks inside Pakistan on alleged militant camps especially Al Qaeda centres, according to a private television channel on Saturday. The Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence agency, has the experience to successfully retaliate terror attacks, the channel reported, quoting the Voice of Germany with reference to an Israeli weekly.
According to the report, India wants to launch these attacks in such a manner so that they are successful while avoiding any blame for them.

The weekly says India can hit four targets which include Azad Kashmir, Punjab and Karachi. In certain areas of Azad Kashmir allegedly there are dozens of camps to train religious zealots and militants.

The weekly revealed that India has informed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about the possible attacks, though she did not support any type of conflict between the two countries.

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