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12-17-2008, 09:22 PM

can some one plz help me find the Dua that is said before making lectures ect

JazakALLAH Khair


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12-17-2008, 09:34 PM

May ALLAH (SWA) reward you sister

i was referring to the one that are usually said before lectures.Something like O ALLAH. for those you have guided there is no one to misguide...like the whole thing

i tried to find it but couldn't


- Qatada -
12-17-2008, 09:41 PM


Innalhamda lillah nahmaduhu wa nasta'inuhu wa nastaghfiruh. wa naudzubillaahi billahi min syuruuri anfusina wa min sayyiati a'maalina .may yahdihillahu fa laa mudhilla lah. wa may yudhlil fala hadya lah. asyhadu an laa ilaha illallah wa asyhadu anna muhammadan 'abduhu wa rasuuluhu.

Yaaaaa ayyuhalladziina aamanuut taqullaahu haqqa tuqaatii wa laa tamuutunna illaa wa antum muslimuun (QS.Al Imran 102).

Yaaaaa ayyuhannaasuttaquu rabbakumulladzii khalaqakum min nafsiw waahidatin, wa khalaqa minha zaujahaa wa batstsa minhumaa rijaalan katsiiraa wa nisaaaaa'a, wat taquullaahalladzii tasaaaaa aluuna bihi wal arhaam, innallaaha 'alaikum raqiibaa. (An Nisa:1)

Yaaaaa ayyuhalladziina aamanuut taqullaaha wa quuluu qaulan sadiidaa, yuslih lakum a'maalakum wa yaghfir lakum dzunuubakum, wa man yuthi'illaahu wa rasuulahu, faqad faaza fauzhan 'azhiimaa (Al Ahzab 70-71)

Amma ba'du

Fa inna ashdaqa hadiitsi kitaabullaah, wa khairal hadii hadii muhammadin, wa syarral umuuri muhdatsatuhaa, wa kullum muhdatsatim bid'ah, wa kullu bid'atin dhalaalatun, wa kullu dhalalaatin fin naar.


Thanksgiving and praise are due to Allah alone, we seek aid from Him alone; and we beseech forgiveness of our sins from Him only; and consign ourselves to the protection of Allah against the evils of our souls and against all offences. Truly, whomsoever Allah guides on the straight path (and He puts him only on the straight path who sincerely desires to walk along that way), no one can lead him astray. And whomsoever God deflects (and He deflects only him who yearns to be defelcted), no one can put him on the straight pat. And I bear witness that there is no deity except Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the bondman of Allah and His Messenger.

3:102 O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam.

4:1 O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord, who created you from a single person, created, of like nature, His mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women;- reverence Allah, through whom ye demand your mutual (rights), and (reverence) the wombs (That bore you): for Allah ever watches over you.

33:70-71 O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and (always) say a word directed to the Right.That He may make your conduct whole and sound and forgive you your sins: He that obeys Allah and His Messenger, has already attained the highest achievement.

Prophet(sw) said, "Verily the most truthful communication is the Book of Allah, the best guidance is from Muhammad, and the worst of all things are innovations; every innovation is heresy, every heresy is error, and every error leads to hell.

12-17-2008, 09:52 PM

It's called Khutbah al-Hajjah

See the link below hope it helps:



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