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12-25-2008, 09:27 PM

I'm here to promote NamazAlert - an Islamic Service which facilitates salaat by calculating the prayer times for your city (US only) and forwards them to your mobile phone. You can receive the text messages either daily or once a week.

Sign Up @ www.namazalert.info

What is NamazAlert?
NamazAlert calculates the prayer times for your city and forwards them to your mobile phone. This way, when you're getting ready for prayer, you can simply check your inbox for the prayer times. NamazAlerts are sent at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time, 9:00am Central Standard Time, 8:00am Mountain Standard Time, and 7:00am Pacific Standard Time.

How much does NamazAlert cost?
NamazAlert is and always will be free! Standard text messaging rates apply.

What phones can use NamazAlert?
Any phone that supports text messages can use NamazAlert.
I hope the moderators don't consider this spamming, as this is an Islamic Forum and this is an Islamic service intended to help the Muslims be diligent in one of the pillars of Islam.

Please leave any comments, concerns, or questions in this thread! I'll be happy to answer them.

- NamazAlert

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